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Betting and Gaming

Our certified experts with their years of software expertise in the gambling, betting and gaming/esports industries will get you over the finish line with custom sports betting software solutions, providing industry specific programming, up-to-date functionalities, and streamlined, end-to-end software development.

How we can help

• Fully interactive and personalized user portals with payment gateway integrations.

• Custom pari-mutuel betting software and odds calculators, as well as original data aggregation applications for accurate historic data, with real-time tracking of statistics and odds.

• Web-based ticketing systems.

• Predictive models; Machine Learning solutions.

We serve

Online Betting Companies
Gaming Studios
Exchanges & Brokerages
Sportsbook and eSports


We build remote software development teams for international eCommerce providers.

How we can help

• Fully interactive and personalized e-commerce portals with payment gateway integrations.

• Switch to Mobile Commerce.

• Decrease eCommerce processing resources and increase scalability.

• Cloud-Based Commerce Platforms.

• Predictive Pricing; Dynamic Pricing.

• Cryptocurrency for Ecommerce.

We serve

Tech Startups
E-Commerce Portals


The education industry is transforming into a tech-savvy space, with technologies making learning more efficient, collaborative and interactive. The global eLearning market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. We help accelerate online education and unleash the power of digital learning.

How we can help

• Full integrated and personalized e-learning platforms.

• Enhance Performance Assessment.

• Facilitate Collaborative Learning.

• Cloud-Based E-learning Platforms.

We serve

Tech Startups
E-learning platforms
Corporate Training departments


Our domain experts have been recognized with industry awards for software engineering and game-changing applications and business solutions across the entire banking landscape. Together with our customers, we drive additional revenue by rapidly delivering innovative solutions that meet end-user expectations, while helping to stay competitive.

How we can help

• Digital Banking Transformation; Service Design & Delivery for Digital Banking

• Global Digital Wealth Management Applications

• Front-to-Back Office Trading & Risk Management Applications for Capital Markets

• Crypto

• Market Data & Electronic Trading

• Connectivity & Security

• Exchange Platforms & Trade Repositories

We serve

Investment Banks
Retail & Commercial Banks
Wealth Management Institutions
Exchanges & Brokerages
Market Data Providers
Technology Providers
Insurance Providers


To keep pace with globalization, emerging markets and a hyper-competitive landscape, supply chain and logistics providers require technology solutions that target cost efficiency, supply chain transparency and process optimization.

How we can help

• eCommerce Implementations based on Leading Proprietary & Open-sourced technologies

• Catalog Development & Production

• Order Management & Fulfillment

• Mobile Retail Solutions & Payment Systems

• ERP, CRM & Marketing Systems

• Knowledge Solutions & a Range of Enterprise Development, Testing & Maintenance Services

We serve

Warehouse management
Freight, Forwarding and Mail
Courier & Express
Supply Chain Management
Stock Control


We help media and publishing companies capitalize on new technologies. We deliver proven software solutions across the entire value chain to help you optimize digital content and assets to promote integrated and intuitive discovery, management, workflow, insight and licensing.

How we can help

• New Product/Service/Platform

• Information Discovery/Text Analytics & Search

• Natural Language Understanding, Processing and Generation (NLU, NLP, NLG)

• Smart Content & IoT Integration

• Media apps

• Digital Transformation, Strategy & Roadmaps

We serve

Media Companies
TV and Broadcasting
News & Media
Book, Newspaper & Magazine Publishers
Content Aggregators & Distributors

New Tech

From AI to IOT, Rapid changes in technology are redefining the way high-tech players are doing business. To help keep pace, MGroup delivers complex technology services, product engineering services, and enterprise application development to enable leading technology providers to build innovative, robust software systems.

How we can help

• New Tech Product/Service/Platform

• Information Discovery/Text Analytics & Search

• Natural Language Understanding, Processing and Generation (NLU, NLP, NLG)

• Smart Content & IoT Integration

• Media apps

• Digital Transformation, Strategy & Roadmaps

We serve

Global Software Product Makers
Tech Startups
SaaS & PaaS providers
IoT Component Manufacturers
Consumer & Enterprise Clients
Marketing Technology Providers
Mobile Device & Software Makers
Vertical Software Solutions Providers


We are delivering a wide range of web and mobile solutions to all the sectors of travel and hotel industry.

How we can help

• Travel/Hospitality portals

• Streamline Travel Experiences

• Booking, payment, management solutions

• Predictive analytics

• Customer facing mobile apps

• Digital Transformation, Strategy & Roadmaps

We serve

Travel agencies
Booking portals
Consumer & Enterprise Clients
Marketing Technology Providers

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