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September 8, 2023

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The world has witnessed significant changes - from the economy to the ethics of work. However, amidst this transformation, one constant remains - the craziness of tech hiring. Companies across all sectors and sizes are on the hunt for top-tier tech talent. is gearing up for TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, taking place from September 19 to 21. Our mission? To spotlight innovation, broaden our horizons, foster collaborations, and connect with potential clients.

Join our Senior Account Executive, Daniela Rusanovschi, for a discussion about high-performing tech talent sourced from Eastern Europe and Latin America. These professionals, handpicked by our expert matchmakers, are ten times better than most, and they start at just $1.5k per week. Daniela will be your gateway to accessing world-class tech talent, whether you run a small business or a large corporation.

For us, this event is more than just a showcase. It's a platform to reveal our rigorously vetted talent network and engage with industry leaders, partners, and investors through our secure, compliant, and reliable tech remote-work platform.

How is Revolutionizing Tech Hiring

1. Cost-Effective

Our track record speaks volumes, with client companies saving over $1 million annually and halving their development costs. We're capable of fast-tracking your project requirements in just 48 hours.

2. Build Faster

At, we've assembled a team of developers from Eastern Europe and Latin America, handpicked by humans, not algorithms. Say goodbye to hidden fees and overcome challenging recruitment hurdles that others can't.

3. Real Value

Never again worry about handling developers' vacation time, unemployment, termination processes, paperwork, or recruiting expenses. We've got it all under control.

Ready, Steady, Disrupted: With Whom Heads to TechCrunch

As a thriving member of the startup ecosystem, is gearing up to join the ranks of seven other Moldovan startups, poised to make a powerful impact during gripping pitching sessions.

Meet the Moldovan Startups at TechCrunch:

  • A global tech remote-work platform connecting businesses with top-tier software developers.
  • Langly Inc: An unconventional English learning platform based on the Oxford English course.
  • A peer-to-peer credit platform.
  • A comprehensive event management platform equipped with tools for event promotion, ticket sales, and community building.
  • Selftalk: A behavioral health application aiding IT employees in managing anxiety through therapeutic self-talk audios.
  • Brizy: An intuitive website builder accessible to all.
  • A platform empowering enthusiasts and business owners to create and share captivating VR content.
  • Pinky CyberSafe: A one-stop platform for SMEs to mitigate cybersecurity risks effectively.

These startups stood out thanks to their relevance in the tech field, their clear objectives for participating in TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2023, their embrace of cutting-edge technologies (ML, IoT, web3, among others), and the alignment of their purpose, goals, activities, and post-conference results.

But Wait, There's More: Moldova Startup Day

As the global tech spotlight shines on TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2023, a new contender emerges - the Moldova Startup Ecosystem. On September 22, from 10 AM to 3 PM, dive into a vibrant showcase at Moldova Startup Day at Fort Mason, San Francisco. 

Why Attend?

1. Diverse Portfolio: 

Engage with eight pioneering startups, each presenting groundbreaking solutions ranging from global networks of software developers to platforms revolutionizing language learning, event management, behavioral health, and cybersecurity.

2. Investment Opportunities: 

If you're on the hunt for the next tech unicorn, these startups, rigorously selected based on various criteria, offer promising investment opportunities. #MadeinMoldova startups are eager to collaborate with investors from the USA and EU, providing a steady flow of opportunities.

3. Immerse in the Moldovan Landscape: 

Nestled strategically between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova brings together Eastern and Western influences, offering a rich cultural and technological tapestry. Enjoy linguistic versatility, as the nation is fluent in Romanian, Russian, and English. Additionally, tech-friendly policies, like a mere 7% tax on turnover for IT firms, and proximity to major European hubs make Moldova an investor's paradise.

The participation of Moldovan startups at the conference is made possible through support from the Future Technologies Project in Moldova, funded by USAID, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The Moldova country pavilion at the conference is ensured with the support of WNISEF. The visit of Moldovan teams to TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco is carried out through the initiative and implementation of Technovator.

Join us at TechCrunch Disrupt to witness the future of remote tech talent acquisition.

See you there, ready to disrupt!