A flywheel for CEE devs’ performance: The launch of Index.dev Academy
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February 15, 2024

A flywheel for CEE devs’ performance: The launch of Index.dev Academy

Index.dev is thrilled to announce the launch of Index.Academy - a series of online events aimed to help CEE-based developers take control of their remote career and take the leap into remote work. 

This event is designed to bridge the growing demand for US software development projects and opportunities. 

When: February, 21 at 4 PM UK Time

How: Online Event

What: Thrive as a CEE developer in a US tech company. Remotely.

Participation: Free

Registration Link: Complete this form

Why: Unveiling tactics for effective remote working and team integration. 

If you’re new to Index.dev, it is a tech recruitment platform driven by a common goal to connect high-end developers from untapped markets with leading companies in the US, Canada & EU.  

Kicking off this series, Index.dev is delighted to announce Aryk Grosz as the first speaker. 

A Berkeley Engineering alumni, Aryk co-founded the #1 US book provider Mixbook at just 21 and was recognized by Inc Magazine’s “30 under 30” list of entrepreneurs. He also is the founder of 🗿Tribefy - a location-based social platform that helps travelers and digital nomads connect with like-minded people wherever they go.

Event overview and the expertise you’ll gain

At Index.Academy, you’ll learn how to take US projects by storm and become a valuable player in plenty of remote software development teams. You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the US tech industry culture and background, career opportunities, and trends:

1. Cross-cultural understanding. Get a better understanding of the US tech industry culture to communicate and collaborate better with potential US-based team members. 

2. Remote work best practices. Improve productivity and efficiency with valuable insights on remote work best practices.  

3. Networking & new connections. Network with other remote tech professionals and make new connections.

4. Career growth. Showcase your skills and value to open up new career opportunities. 

5. Access to resources. Get access to a wealth of resources and information to broaden your tech skills and knowledge. 

6. Adapting to new trends. The US tech industry is at the forefront of new technologies and trends. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and better understand how to adapt to changes.

7. Hands-on experience. Aryk is not only a great speaker and mentor - he’s an excellent developer as well. He regularly works on software projects to help developers unveil the most cutting-edge practices. 

The application process and key dates

Applications are open and the Index.Academy featuring Aryk Grosz event starts on February 21 at 4 PM UK Time via Google Meet. Participation is free, just make sure you secure your place.

What’s next? 

Technology doesn’t stay the same for long, and neither does Index.Academy. The launch of Index.Academy will be updated with a new series of events featuring astute tech leaders from a wide range of industries. This way, we'll make sure Index.dev developers learn what is relevant and in demand for their career and professional growth. See you there, techies!

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