A letter from our CEO: Learn to embrace the uncertainty

February 15, 2024

A letter from our CEO: Learn to embrace the uncertainty

At Index, we come together every month at our company-summit meeting to talk about our progress. It’s part of our #teamwork value and togetherness which drives us to think and act like one team. 

At our last summit, which was the Annual Summit, together with the leadership team we drew conclusions for 2022.

Like many of our peers, and companies in all industries, we find ourselves reflecting on 2022 as a year that turned out to be very different than we thought it would be back in January.

When I think about 2022, I can sum it up in one word: Unexpected.

War. Economic tsunami. Layoffs. Hiring freeze. Recession. Uncertainty. 

Year after year we work hard to execute our mission of empowering businesses to hire amazing talent. 

When we are at our Best, the World gets better because our Talent builds amazing products from anywhere for our clients and this way makes the world better.

And we were at our Best. We grew despite all challenges. We doubled our revenue. And we will stay resilient and will continue to deliver on our results. 

We’ve made some great progress toward becoming a product company. Due to the help of our tech team. 

For us to deliver on our mission, we have to further develop our tech.

Every generation has its obstacles. How we respond defines who we are. At Index, we believe that the best businesses are born out of challenging times. We know we face uncertain macroeconomic circumstances in 2023, but we see that as an opportunity to step up and be an even stronger partner to our clients.

I don’t know what the future lies, but I know the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. Let’s create a better future. For our clients, employees, developers, community, and more. Let’s define this generation as overcoming obstacles and driving growth. Let’s become ridiculously ambitious. 

Let’s do this by doubling down on our core beliefs and living our values: Extra Mile, Extra Smile, Together As One Team, Moving Quickly, Lifelong Learning, and Respect. 

Looking forward to 2023, we have to learn to expect the unexpected and embrace the uncertainty.

And I strongly believe that by focusing on our mission and relentlessly putting customers first, we’ll continue to succeed together.

Special thank you to the Leadership team. Thank you again to all of the Indexers. 

Together, we will make 2023 a great year.



Sergiu Matei, CEO & Founder at Index.dev

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