A year of remarkable opportunities for index.dev developers
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February 15, 2024

A year of remarkable opportunities for index.dev developers

As the new year kicked off, businesses have likely started to plan for the year ahead. But to know where you’re going, it’s important to look at where you’ve been.

2022 has been a year filled with great challenges and even greater opportunities. Before diving into 2022 Index.dev accomplishments, we’d like to acknowledge our developers. Thank you for embracing remote work and for trusting us in matching your talents with projects all over the world. 

Our Sourcing, Vetting, and Matching teams worked tirelessly throughout the year to assist our developers and now we want to share all the great things we’ve accomplished:

Streamlined payments

2022 was a year we stood out for compliance and support as we removed all the payment challenges we previously faced. 

We employed a payroll and compliance provider that helped us manage our global payments and get everything set up correctly in each country. This allowed us to send payments within hours, as well as, add bonuses and make adjustments with ease, which resulted in faster and more streamlined payments and timesheets.

Upgraded Referral program

As part of our seamless matching process, it’s imperative that the software engineering talent we assign is agile, skilled, and passionate about remote work. 

Growing our pool of senior developers by almost 80% in 2022 determined us to put focus on adding more qualified programmers, data experts, designers, and QAs to our pipeline. Thus, we upgraded our Refer-a-Dev program to recognize and reward the Index.dev developers who chip in by referring tech talents from friends, relatives, past colleagues, and acquaintances. And in the first few days, we hit the first results.

For more info regarding this program, terms, conditions, and rules of engagement, access the Referral form

Long-term career fulfillment

The Index team has gone beyond helping developers find well-paid remote jobs. Besides US, UK & Canada, we put the search on such countries as Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand to reach out to some prominent startups and tech companies that are hiring software engineers. 

To keep up with the demand, we sourced 200,000 developers and added 8,000 expertly vetted developers to Index.dev platform and brought 50 new tech stacks. Along with that, we provided remote work opportunities in difficult-to-recruit roles like DevOps, GoLang, Ruby on Rails, Rust, and Dart and hit a blazing 97% rate of successful trials, placements, and retention.  

Long-term career fulfillment was our strongest point this year. To maintain it, our dedicated Retention managers have gone above and beyond to find new job opportunities for devs whose projects neared completion. This way, no single developer we had previously assigned sat on the bench for more than a week.

smiling people talking in a conference call
Account Managers for Developers

Dedicated support 

What do devs want from their remote jobs? What difficulties are they facing? And what do they appreciate the most in a collaboration? To tackle all those issues, Index.dev consolidated a team of dedicated and trained AMD (Account Managers for Developers) retention specialists whose mission is to assist developers throughout the assignment process with ongoing support and solutions. The main purpose of an AMD is to ensure developers we assign are happy with the team and perform well on the project. 

Apart from providing support, the Index.dev AMDs work like your in-house HR team, going above and beyond to help developers onboard and integrate well and be paid on time. As a result, 85% of the developers enjoy the projects they got matched to and feel like they are aligned with the employer.

With Index.dev, you can land high-paying, long-term jobs with top US & EU companies, right from the comfort of your home. Register now ->

Workflow improvement

Index.dev grew rapidly because of the ingenuity, resilience, resourcefulness, and vision all of our partners and developers were demonstrating in the past 12 months. To implement suggestions, drive improvements to our platform, and become a more comprehensive place for tech talents, we took NPS surveys. We measured the feedback, happiness, and satisfaction of our developers regarding our services, and, as a result, we smashed an excellent 85 net promoter score. 

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Partnerships with tech companies

Impactful projects 

Quick fact! 90% of Index.dev partners hired the first candidate that matching experts suggested to them. 

Looking back, we couldn't be prouder to have worked with so many prominent companies like Fishbrain, Perforce, Venly, Glopal, and many more. What we learned though from all these partnerships was that tech companies didn’t give up on their scaling plans, they just needed more help in being guided on the best choice they have to make. It’s clear that the need for top talents is real and Remote Talent is still an underestimated solution for lots of tech companies. 

Partner with Index.dev to onboard qualified, accomplished, and high-performing software engineering rockstars to your project. Hire today ->

As for the team accomplishments, I could mention the fact that we got to understand our developers better and help them get matched faster, breaking such records as 2 weeks from registration to onboarding. 

2023 is going to be wild for developers 

One of the things we constantly talk about at Index is innovation. How can we make our platform better? How can we improve solutions that are already in the market? How can we prepare for the future to solve problems that don’t even exist yet?

Is part of our mission to become a long-term career partner for any developer and support them throughout their software engineering journey.

As we look forward to 2023, we will do our best to deploy a record number of new projects across industries. 

To keep pace with it, we will:

  • Vet clients properly and offer long-term opportunities to established companies in France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, or Australia;
  • Empower you with high-level and uniquely tailored projects that match your background and skill set;
  • Provide personalized career mentoring and support from a dedicated developer success manager;
  • Enable access to a career-centric developer community so you can team up with highly-skilled developers and boost the improvement of soft and tech skills;
  • Support your safety, security, and well-being from project inception till completion. 

Plus, we will concurrently work on measures that will further support our community of developers. Here are a few things we will implement in the next 365 days: 

  1. Bigger tech companies & more secure workplaces. As Index.dev continues to grow, bigger tech companies leverage it to augment their tech teams. 
  2. Personal cabinet profile on Index.dev. Developers will use it to update their timesheets and get notifications on the payment status.
  3. Index Community is coming. Developers will be able to know the Index.dev employees and other developers that are working on the project or with the client they are assigned to. 
  4. Better Onboarding. To make developers' onboarding and integration process smoother, Index.dev will improve the pre-project work with tech companies. 
  5. 24/7 support & availability. Besides the ongoing support our developers get from the AMD Retention Team, developers will have access to constant support powered by technology and automation tools.  

We strive to become an organization that makes the developers we assign successful. 

Let’s continue hacking the future of work, together and beyond,