Boost Your Coding: 30 Top Android Apps for Developers in 2024
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February 15, 2024

Boost Your Coding: 30 Top Android Apps for Developers in 2024

Did you know that users spend almost 90% of their time in apps? If you’re looking to give your career a boost, consider upgrading your app development skills. 

Mobile app development has become one of the most demanding careers. According to the most recent estimates, there are 26.8 million active software developers globally, of which around 6 million code solely for Android, and 2.8 million for iOS. This number is expected to grow to 45 million in 2030.

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Whether you are a professional Android developer or a hobbyist, you have to use on-the-go tools to become a better programmer. Here are some of the best Android apps which any developer can take advantage of. 

So proceed with the complete guide below:

1. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is one of the personal favorites for many programmers. This app is a must-have for coding freshers as you can learn the basics and on a more advanced level such programming languages as Java, JavaScript, Python, Assembly, C, C++, and C#. Known as one of the fastest compilers in the Android world, Programming Hub provides an elegant interface with well-represented examples available for over 20 programming languages and 5,000 useful programs. ‍

2. Acode 

Programming on your mobile device is not the easiest thing. You need an excellent code editor to do it smoothly, and among all those that are available, Acode is one of the most versatile you can use. The app not only allows you to edit HTML or JavaScript code from your mobile, but it also provides a properly designed interface that enables you to develop more effectively from your Android device, be it a mobile or a tablet. 

3. Code Viewer

Code Viewer is an exciting Android app for qualified engineers. You can view code for various languages like Java, C#, C++, ASP, CSS, and PHP with syntax highlighting, line numbering, word wrapping, and text search.‍

4. Algoid

Algoid turns your Android device into a real programming workstation dedicated to self-improving. It includes a step-by-step execution mode, a real-time debugger, and a scope explorer. Some of the most important features include syntax highlighting and error handling, and unlimited undo and redo, which makes self-studying fun. 

5. Trello

Whether you’re planning to design a website or streamline the workflow, Trello is a flexible work management tool that empowers software development teams to manage projects, organize tasks, and build team collaboration. 

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With AIDE-IDE you no longer need a computer to code your Android app. AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java, C++ Android app development. The app allows you to code and compile your Android application on the go and follow interactive coding lessons and step-by-step instructions to become a more well-versed programmer. Some of the key features include a rich editor, real-time error checking, code navigation, refactoring, and a debugger. 

7. DroidEdit

Looking for a top-notch source code editor for your Android device? DroidEdit is an excellent text and source code editor for multiple programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Latex, SQL, C, C++, and C#. Packed with awesome features like character encoding, keyboard shortcuts, and Auto & Block Indentation, DroidEdit is designed to help you speed up your work. 

8. C4droid

C4droid is a robust and user-friendly C/C++ IDE code compiler app designed for Android platforms. The compiler features a sleek interface allowing developers to create programs and applications and run them without internet access. Besides, it supports Allegro, SDL, SFML, and many more. 

9. Online Compiler

Online Compiler is one of the fastest online compilers and IDEs that enables you to edit, compile, and run programs or code snippets written in Java, C, C++, and other 22 programming languages right from your Android device. 

10. CppDroid 

CppDroid is an IDE for C or C++ languages that runs on any Android device. Even though its interface it's a bit dated, the app offers an impressive set of features like automatic code completion, real-time errors, file explorer, variable explorer, intelligent syntax, and many more.‍

11. Quoda

Quoda is a top-ranking multi-language code editor for Android with integrated support for SFTP/FTP servers. Powerful yet easy resource, Quoda offers developers a sophisticated environment packed with such features as syntax-highlighting, cross-section editing, Google Drive integration, line bookmarking, auto-indentation, and auto-suggestions. Plus, the source code editor covers most programming languages and is constantly updated with support for newer ones. 

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12. VT View Source

VT View Source works similarly to “view source” in PC browsers. Using this app allows you to view the HTML, XML, JavaScript, and CSS sources of web pages and remotely located files. It comes with tons of features that comprise support for different syntax highlighting themes, line numbers, text wrapping, adjustable colors, in-source active links, multiple viewing modes (mobile/desktop browser), etc. 

13. Syntax Highlighted Code Editor

Packed with multiple programming languages and frameworks support, Syntax Highlighted Code Editor allows you to edit HTML, PHP, CSS, and C/C++ anytime and wherever you want. Although it features Python, C, C++, Java, Clojure, Haskel, and Groovy, this app is meant for web developers. 

14. Sublime Text

Looking to make the software development process fast and frictionless? Sublime Text is a prominent candidate. Its intuitive interface and color-coded syntax highlighting offer the convenience of a lightweight editor and make the code more readable across a wide range of programming languages. Additional features like text folding enhance readability, while auto code completion saves a lot of time throughout a project. ‍

15. Codemurai

If you’re new to coding, Codemurai app is a fun way to learn CSS, C# HTML, Python, Angular 2, React, Java, Object-oriented programming, Phaser, Unity 3D, and many more. Taking game, app, and web development classes from industry experts, you may also put your skills to the tests by joining coding challenges and quizzes. 

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16. SwiftBites

Whether you are a beginner or a junior programmer, SwiftBites has you covered. Packed with one of the hottest new programming languages, the app offers a wide range of interactive activities, from code examples to exams, that can help your Swift talents flourish. You’ll even get awarded a nifty certificate for completing the course. ‍

17. Learn Java

Packed with some useful basics, Learn Java app allows Java freshers to improve their skills and knowledge from 64 lessons intuitively designed to make learning easy and effective. It comes with tutorials, lessons, and community support, which made it one of the most comprehensive guides on Android devices.

18. Learn C++

Want to become proficient with C++ programming? The Learn C++ app is a great choice if you prepare for job interviews, tests, etc. It enables you to run C++ programming tutorials, lessons, FAQs, and technical-related questions on your Android phone. You can start learning the basics and continue with advanced programming as well. 

19. Udacity 

Another robust app for a better coding experience is Udacity. The app comes with a sleek interface and features in-demand courses for the most trending programming professions. It also allows entry-level programmers and developers to learn coding from the comfort of their homes, solve a programming problem in the park, or answer quiz questions at the nearby coffee shop. 

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20. Enki

With over 1,500 coding lessons, Enki covers various topics from SQL and data science to JavaScript and Python. Each course is neatly structured into lessons, videos, and examples. Lesson bookmarking, revisions, and offline learning are just a few of the tools that will keep you involved in the learning process.

21. Stetho

Stetho is a compelling debugging tool for Android developed by Facebook. The app makes debugging native Android apps simple and effective. It also enables you to complete View hierarchy, inspect SQLite databases, and monitor network operations with ease. 

22. Java Quick Reference Cards

Whether you are a well-versed programmer or a budding software developer learning about Java, Java Quick Reference Cards will help you with your studies. It not only has cheat sheets, but also comes with an intuitive Java programming guide where you can search any issue related to your Java interaction and work. 

23. Fabric

Fabric is a popular modular SDK and headless modular SDK that allows you to monitor your apps in real-time and choose a suite of tools from beta-testing deployment to platform analytics. 

24. Programmer Keyboard

Most programmers that have tried to code on their phone keyboards know that this is painful. Programmer Keyboard app gives programmers access to a full QWERTY keyboard and code completion. It also features important keys like Alt, Arrow, and Ctrl that are not supported by smartphones.‍

25. Mindly

During the development process, you interact with complex challenges, from architecture planning to code deciphering. Mindly is a mind-mapping software that has you and your workflow covered. Its simple interface enables you to break down complex structures into simple ideas. Designed with product managers in mind, Mindly is of great use for developers too. 

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26. GitHub

An essential tool for any coder, GitHub for Android is a platform that allows you to host your personal and professional projects. Through this platform, you can manage your projects, examine code, and explore the code of other developers. 

27. WordPress

WordPress is a famous content management system based on PHP. WordPress for Android is a website builder and blog maker that gives devs the power of web publishing in creating various websites and platforms on their Android devices. 

28. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the most popular platforms for learning programming languages. The app gives you access to dozens of tutorials, guides, topics, and lessons designed to help you enhance web development from anywhere and at any time. 

29. Lightbot

In today’s fast-paced environment, when competition for tech talent is fiercer than ever, it’s important to learn the principles of coding at a young age. Whether you are a software engineering fresher or you have kids that are enthusiastic about learning programming, enabling Lightbot can help you or your kid learn how to code through games that will put your cognitive skills to the test. 

30. Code News 

Besides its code editing and compiling features, Code News allows you to view article extracts from some of the trusted tech industry sources through a clear, easy-to-use news programming feed. 

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