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Closing the Deal: Strategies for Successful Client Acquisition on

Discover the art of successful client acquisition on's involvement in the hiring process transformed it from being time-consuming and challenging to a streamlined and goal-oriented experience. - Ryan Keavney, VP of Engineering at Entrupy

In the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, where innovation reigns supreme and digital solutions drive businesses forward, one of the key challenges for organizations is finding the right talent to bring their visions to life. This is where steps in, offering a dynamic platform that revolutionizes the way talent acquisition is approached, making it not only efficient but also exciting and seamless.

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1. Unveiling the power of vetted developers

In a world where time is of the essence, ensuring the quality of talent is paramount. At, we recognize the significance of vetted developers who not only possess the technical prowess but also align with your company's values and objectives. Our platform rigorously evaluates developers, ensuring that only the best, most skilled professionals make it through. This translates to a higher success rate in closing deals as clients gain confidence in the caliber of talent they are presented with.

2. Expanding horizons: Global talent pool

The digital era has erased geographical boundaries, opening up a vast world of talent waiting to be harnessed. understands the importance of tapping into this global pool of developers. With our platform, you're not limited by location; you can effortlessly connect with top-tier developers from around the world. This global reach not only widens your options but also enriches your projects with diverse perspectives and expertise.

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3. Leveraging a tech recruitment platform

In the fast-paced realm of tech, timing is crucial. streamlines the client acquisition process by providing a comprehensive tech recruitment platform. This means you can swiftly identify, evaluate, and engage with developers who are tailored to your specific requirements. Our platform's user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options empower you to make informed decisions efficiently, saving you precious time and resources.

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Strategies for successful client acquisition on

Closing deals swiftly can be a game-changer in business. At, we employ proven strategies to accelerate the deal closure rate:

  1. Clear communication: Effective communication is paramount in successful collaborations. We ensure that project requirements, expectations, and timelines are clearly conveyed to align with potential clients.
  2. New hiring approach: We optimize hiring efficiency and automate the hiring process to streamline our clients' recruitment procedures, significantly reducing time-to-hire. This approach leads to benefits such as reduced cost-per-hire and improved candidate experience.
  3. Active engagement: We actively browse through profiles and meticulously select high-quality candidates who are the perfect cultural fit for our clients.
  4. Real-time data utilization: Providing real-time data on developer availability, skillsets, and project histories, we empower tech companies to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.
  5. Negotiation flexibility: While adhering to budgets is crucial, being open to flexible negotiations can expedite deal closures. Our focus on finding high-performing tech talent within budget constraints sets us apart.
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Final words

Closing the deal isn't just about the transaction; it's about building relationships and fostering a sense of partnership. On, the duration of closing a deal varies based on factors such as project complexity, developer availability, and negotiation dynamics. On average, our clients experience a deal closure duration ranging from 1 to 4 weeks, with a notable reduction in time compared to traditional methods.

In conclusion, the landscape of client acquisition has transformed, and stands at the forefront of this revolution. From offering vetted developers to tapping into a global talent pool, and from utilizing a tech recruitment platform to implementing effective strategies, every facet of our platform is designed to maximize your success.

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