Discover how can skyrocket your tech talent retention to 95%
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February 15, 2024

Discover how can skyrocket your tech talent retention to 95%

Retaining developers has become a major concern for HR departments, with 46% of them stating it as their top priority. This emphasizes the significance of fostering an environment that promotes employee engagement and retention.

A doughnut graph showing how many HR professional state developer retention as main concern
Developer retention as main concern for HR departments

At, we understand that hiring the right software engineer is only half the battle. The other 45% involves cultivating and retaining them by providing a healthy company culture, setting them up for success, and offering opportunities for growth. Our developers at stay with us for the long term.

We have successfully placed high-performing GoLang engineers in Brazil with a leading US tech company, as well as full-stack React/Node.js software engineers in Serbia and Poland, who have worked on three consecutive projects for a leading blockchain provider in the EU. We have also placed 230 developers for unicorns and startups that raised significant funding.

Discover how achieved a 95% talent retention rate and learn why it's an essential element for companies looking to build thriving tech teams and help tech talent transition to rewarding careers.

Transform your tech team with the best vetted talents in the game! Reach out to and start hiring top-notch developers, data engineers, UI/UX designers, QAs & PMs with impressive retention rates today.

Why do software engineers stay for long with

At present, 77% of companies prioritize employee experience to increase retention rates.

According to Eugene Garla, VP of Talent at, "Hiring skilled tech talent is tough, but retaining them is tougher. RETENTION is key, enabling businesses to focus on what matters most." 

At, our key proposition to developers is the assurance of security, reliability, and high-quality services. Our differentiation lies in the level of attention and care we offer to our developers, as we believe they make us unique and we go far to ensure they live fulfilling careers.

Leaving the freelancing ‘wild, wild west’ behind

"At, we put developers at the center of everything we do. Our platform empowers tech companies to connect with our talented pool of developers, enabling them to find innovative solutions to their toughest technical challenges. As a result, hiring and retaining exceptional tech talent is paramount to our success and can never be taken for granted," said Mihai Golovatenco, Director of Matching & AMD at

Quote stating how important is to retain developers at
Why retaining tech talent is paramount for is a leading tech recruitment platform that has dedicated the past four years to curating a community of highly motivated and engaged tech talent from all over the world. 

Today, we're helping companies connect with accomplished, high-performing developers who boast a retention rate of 95%. How did we achieve this impressive feat? By offering our tech talent fair and consistent pay, putting an end to freelancer nightmares such as client ghosting, time tracking issues, and payment fraud.

Unlike other platforms, we don't list freelancers in our talent pipeline. This means that companies can rest assured that they'll be assigned a dedicated software engineer who is solely focused on their project. Our tech talent undergoes a rigorous assessment process, and their time, payments, compliance, and further integration are all managed by us. Meanwhile, our tech talent feels like they're an integral part of our clients' teams.

Landing top-tier engineering jobs 

Getting noticed as a developer in the global talent pool can be a challenge. At, we understand this and have created a recruitment process that incorporates best practices from outsourcing, outstaffing, and non-bidding platforms to provide an end-to-end solution for building fulfilling tech careers.

With us, tech talent don’t have to worry about selling themselves or handling organizational matters, as our team takes care of it all. Once tech talent pass our vetting process, is bound to provide them with projects for well-established US, UK & EU startups and enterprises including Omio, Perforce Software, Glopal or Venly. 

At the same time, high-performing software engineers grow fast by working on challenging projects with the latest technologies, leveling up their technical abilities, soft skills and resumes’ accomplishments. 

What sets us apart?

✔ Established companies. We pre-qualify projects based on the budget, company size, culture, funding, and more. Our clients include unicorns with active engineers on board.

✔ Long-term contracts. We secure guaranteed full-time work and offer contracts with a steady income.

✔ Long-lasting project placements. After a successful engagement, we match our tech talent with their next long-term project opportunity.

Accessing to long-term professional development engagements are full-time and long-term. Developers, database specialists, QAs, project managers and designers can apply for jobs in more than 100 programming skills, set their own monthly rate according to their level of expertise and get well paid without the need of relocation, enjoying a flexible schedule. 

No need to bid for jobs, build reputation from scratch, and compete with poorly qualified candidates anymore. As one project nears completion, the team immediately sees the next job opportunity for software engineers. 

Communicating openly and transparently

Regular feedback from a manager can increase the engagement and retention of remote software engineers by three times. At, our impressive 95% retention rate for tech talent is a result of our commitment to open, transparent, and constant communication facilitated by our in-house Retention Management Team. From onboarding to project completion, our dedicated Account Managers for Developers provide personalized support to ensure our tech talent's success.

Compared to other platforms like Upwork and Toptal or regular agencies, where support is limited, our high-performing developers benefit from the guidance of a dedicated Account Manager who is always available to assist them. Our Account Managers focus on the most important aspects of the job, such as transparent communication, work-life balance, productivity, and growth opportunities within the project.

"As an Account Manager for Developers at, I receive a lot of feedback from our assigned developers, and I prioritize the things that matter most for their job satisfaction and success. My focus is on transparent communication, enhancing productivity, and growth opportunities within their project," says Svetlana Catrinescu, Account Manager for Developers at

A quote from Account Manager for Developers expressing how communication with developers goes
Day-to-day workflow from Account Manager for Developers

Being part of community forging events 

Once registered and vetted, all software engineers get access to a vibrant community of 10,000 experienced professionals, as well as upskilling workshops, career development sessions and networking meetups within Index.Academy series of events. These events aim to equip all software engineers with the knowledge to supercharge their engineering careers to new heights. 

Moreover, is actively developing a community of like-minded tech talent, where software engineers can jump into the group chats with software engineers from the same region and build valuable connections. 

Striking the right work-life balance

The field of software engineering can be demanding and stressful, with many software engineers working long hours at their desks, which can lead to burnout. recognizes that today's tech talent prioritize work flexibility, with 60% expressing a desire for it. 

As such, we carefully filter companies based on the culture they promote to ensure our tech talent secure jobs that allow for a healthy work-life balance. We prioritize flexible work options, the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world, and the freedom to set their own working hours. By offering these types of engagements, demonstrates our commitment to accommodating the diverse needs and lifestyles of our tech talent.

A graph listing the strategies that have the biggest impact on developer retention.
Top-priority developer retention strategies

Check out the story of Gabriella Larrengle, a highly skilled Ember.js developer from Argentina who is currently assigned to Perforce Software. Learn more about her experience as a developer with and how she has excelled in her role.

What do developers have to say about

Mykola K. is a React developer who has been working with for 17 months on two different projects, a Swedish fishing app and a UAE-based crypto payment project. He is now seeking a third project with and shared his experience by saying, " provides stability. The platform prioritizes the needs and wants of its tech talent and cares about them as a person first and then as a technical resource on the project. I feel like I can trust and they always strive to provide me with the best career options."

Similarly, Melkon H., a senior Python developer, expressed his admiration for's ability to match developers with projects that align with their requirements. He has prior experience building business-ready apps, features, and integrations for a US-based data-driven app development platform. He said, " is putting a lot of focus on the quality of the project. Flexibility is another benefit is offering to developers around the world."

Bart S. is a skilled Python developer who has been working with for 16 months. He has worked on projects for a Canadian flight search engine and currently works on authentication for luxury goods. He values the quick and supportive hiring process provided by, stating that whenever he contacts someone at the company, they are fast, responsive, and helpful in meeting his needs.

At the same time, Ahmed H., a skilled Kubernetes engineer, has been working with for one year and is currently on his second project with an Irish-based IT services provider. He expresses his satisfaction with the project assigned to him and praises the collaborative work environment created by the engineering managers. According to him, he receives clear instructions on what, how, and when a task needs to be done, and the managers demonstrate dedication towards creating a productive work relationship.

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