How Contractual Work Can Lead to a Higher Developer Retention Rate
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February 15, 2024

How Contractual Work Can Lead to a Higher Developer Retention Rate

Retaining developers has become a major concern for HR departments, with 46% of them stating it as their top priority.

Retention as major concern for HR departments (Source: SpringWorks)

At, we prioritize the quality, reliability, and longevity of our tech talent. Our meticulous talent sourcing, rigorous vetting, and robust assessment procedures ensure that your tech company gains access to highly skilled software engineers who not only possess exceptional technical expertise but also exemplify strong work ethics and international experience, on par with their US counterparts.

Thanks to these efforts, we've successfully extended tech talent retention from an average of 4 months to an impressive 13 months per project.

Wondering how we achieved this feat? Here are some standout tactics that contributed to a higher developer retention rate, surpassing in-house hiring practices.

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Top developer placement success rates on

1. Sourcing tech talent from hot talent hubs

At, we firmly believe that talent knows no boundaries, and the future of work lies in remote opportunities. When we seek developers, we're not confined to local boundaries; we're in search of global excellence. 

Our tech talent is predominantly based in Central Eastern Europe, CIS, and LatAm, making up 95% of our pool. Notably, the powerhouses in this group are the developers from CEE & LatAm, where we've seen remarkable success rates. Countries like Serbia, boasting a 98% success rate, Brazil at 94%, and Turkey at 89%, have emerged as stars in our internal placement research.

These regions are known for their quality education, strong English proficiency, and diligent work ethic. This translates to our collaboration with dedicated individuals who embrace remote independent contracting, showing commitment for the long term projects.

Furthermore, a significant 70% of the developers in our extensive 10,000 pre-vetted profiles network are senior professionals with a wealth of international experience, having excelled in remote work on high-impact tech projects.

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2. Filtering out candidates properly

At, we've taken filtering candidates to a whole new level, pinpointing the unique qualities that distinguish tech talents with the highest retention rates.

Our approach is all about precision. We've implemented a multi-layered filtering system to meticulously curate a select group of high-performing profiles for our clients. Having assessed over 200,000 developers across the years, we've identified the key traits that are common among tech talents with the best retention rates. This means that the tech talent we assign to your project is equipped with the following qualifications:

  • 3-4 years in a specific tech stack and a total of 6+ years of experience.
  • Extensive experience in a specific technology.
  • Expertise in your industry.
  • Professional assessments, tests, and certifications.
  • Upper-intermediate English proficiency.
  • Strong soft skills, a keen understanding of value, and an excellent cultural fit.
  • A track record of remote work and international projects.
  • Proactive with the ability to lead and take initiative.

With this rigorous approach, we ensure that your project is supported by the best of the best in the tech world.

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How vets its top 5% engineers

3. Vetting outstanding tech talent 

Vetting for outstanding tech talent ready to deliver and stay for the long haul: 

At, we understand that People Want to Work With People With Whom It’s Pleasant to Work and Grow Together. That's why we carefully select tech talent for long-term success.’s advanced vetting has several stages. First, the talent recruitment department checks the developers’ CVs and background. If their expertise looks promising, the matching specialists invite devs to the online interview. At the interview, the soft skills and language proficiency are checked. After the soft skills, references, and language check comes the technical screening. Finally, the thoroughly checked candidate is included in the pool of available tech talent. 

Our promise is to shortlist 3 suitable candidates for client interviews within 48 hours with 99% accuracy. Once all terms are established—availability, salary, profile quality— the software engineers meet with the client for the two-stage job interview. Only the fittest make the final cut and our acceptance rate is less than 5%.

With its thorough vetting process in place, tech companies can assign only the best-performing developers based on: experience, technical expertise, proficiency in multiple programming languages, problem-solving and leadership skills, software design abilities, data structures and algorithms, and many more.

What sets us apart:

  • 3 hand picked tech talent that matches the role: One of our primary aims is to save your time and streamline the process. We're not about flooding your inbox with CVs from a few button clicks in an ATS. Our matching team handles the rigorous vetting, presenting you with a curated selection of just three candidates at a time. Remarkably, most of our clients (90%) make their hires from this initial batch.
  • Technology aids us without replacing us: Our distinctive human touch is a cornerstone of our process. This hands-on approach ensures that the chosen candidates are genuinely committed to your projects, safeguarding your work's integrity for the long run.

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4. Communicating transparently and effectively 

Regular feedback during a project can boost remote software engineers' engagement and retention by up to threefold. At, our commitment doesn't stop at finding you the right hire. Unlike other freelancing platforms like Upwork or traditional agencies, where support might be limited, contractors receive ongoing guidance and support from Dedicated Account Managers for Developers.

They focus on critical aspects of the job, including regular check-ins, performance monitoring, fostering transparent communication, promoting work-life balance, and ensuring productivity and growth opportunities within the project. From onboarding to project completion, our dedicated Account Managers for Developers offer tailored support to ensure the success of our tech talent. This level of personalized attention sets us apart and contributes to the long-term success of your projects.

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“Our talent replacement program is designed to assist your tech company in reducing risks, boosting retention, and ensuring a seamless project experience.” - Mike Sokirka, Co-Founder & VP of Sales at

5. Guarantee talent replacement for zero risks

While we put a strong emphasis on screening and vetting, unexpected situations can still arise. However, we're proactive in addressing these scenarios head-on. If a hired talent decides to leave, we offer a talent replacement guarantee. Importantly, if a departure occurs within the first three months, we provide a 50% discount on the replacement talent's first-month salary. This assurance not only minimizes risks but also enhances customer retention and satisfaction, ensuring a seamless experience for your projects.

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Having been a prominent player in the industry for a substantial duration, the remote work platform has firmly cemented its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for both clients and developers. Our approach combines the human touch with data-driven tech recruitment, resulting in a seamless process encompassing sourcing, screening, interviewing, and matching. This approach guarantees efficiency, transparency, and, most importantly, project success.

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Consistently, this model has yielded exceptional outcomes, fostering clear task comprehension, defining project direction, enhancing team cohesion, and ultimately leading to outstanding product excellence and remarkably high retention rates.

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