How to Assign Remote Contracting Engineers Through
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February 15, 2024

How to Assign Remote Contracting Engineers Through

If you're looking to harness the advantages of contract work for scaling your development team, has you covered. Once you're registered on our platform, a few more steps will lead you to the perfectly matched, handpicked, and curated tech talent for your business. Here's how it's done:

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How to assign a contractor from platform

Posting a job via

1. Start by Posting a Job

Kick off the process by creating a job post. It's a breeze – just click on the 'Post a Job' button from your dashboard. Fill in the project specifics, and that's it. Our matching team takes it from there.

  • Here's what sets us apart: We don't rely on algorithms. Our team manually selects and vets every developer in our vast global pool of 10,000 experts. No AI shortcuts here. Each developer passes rigorous technical assessments to ensure they're top-tier talent.
  • Your unique needs are our focus. Whether you require full-time developers, project-based support, or an extended team, our matchers will tailor the perfect solution for your company. Your success is our mission.
Candidate evaluation

2. Evaluate and Schedule Meetings

Once your job is submitted, we'll promptly send you an email confirmation listing the developers who match your project. On your dashboard, you'll see a roster of pre-vetted developers whose skills align with your job requirements, complete with their professional profiles, expertise, and ratings.

When you spot potential candidates, it's effortless to arrange a meeting directly through our platform. We provide you with available time slots for developer calls. Our integrated calendar feature streamlines the scheduling process. You'll get an email notification to confirm your selected time slot. Simple and effective.

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Scheduling a call with project-fit candidate

3. Interview, Confirm, and Manage Work

Our matchers have already done the hard work of selecting the right tech talent from our pool. Now it's your turn to engage with your A-list developer. Here's how:

  • Interview the developer: Start with a virtual interview to evaluate their skills, experience, and cultural fit.
  • Tech skill assessment: For a deeper dive into tech skills, you can request a live coding session or a whiteboard exercise. While this isn't our standard procedure, it's an option if you prefer it.

Once you've found the perfect fit for your team, it's time to seal the deal. Approve the hire with just a few clicks, sign the contract, and welcome the newly assigned developer to your project. Remember to add your signature in the "My Profile" section. goes the extra mile by providing access to timesheets directly from the platform. Easily monitor the developer's work hours, track progress, and hit milestones effortlessly. This feature guarantees transparency and streamlines the payment process. It's as simple as that – you've hired an contractor.

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How developer assignments work 

While we do not directly employ programmers or participate in contractual agreements between clients and talent, we do provide dedicated Account Managers who are always on hand to address any concerns or challenges that may arise. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless and successful connection between clients and tech talent, ensuring the innovation and performance of your software development projects.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • Our Approach. operates uniquely – we’re not an employer, job board, agency, or tech community. We're a global tech remote work platform that sources, screens, vets, and manages tech talent, connecting them with global tech companies. We don't directly employ tech talent. Instead, clients establish a direct contract with, making us the intermediary between you and the assigned software engineers. We handle billing, payments, and related services, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Our Margin: Our margin encompasses candidate matching, standardized contracts, invoicing, and customer support throughout the engagement. Developers are accountable for delivering quality code on time, while tech companies oversee work and timely payments. addresses any issues and provides Dedicated Account Managers for seamless onboarding and team integration.
  • No Hidden Fees. We don't withhold taxes, such as unemployment insurance or social security and don’t charge any fees for assigning developers like agencies or freelancing platforms do. Clients retain intellectual property rights for paid work. An NDA ensures confidentiality, and our tech talent is covered under the agreement. developers aren't external; they're integral members of your team.
  • Multiple vetted candidates. Within just 48 hours from placing your job, you'll receive the initial set of candidates, carefully selected by our in-house matchers. While the entire hiring process duration will vary based on your specific interview and testing criteria, if you decide to choose a candidate from that initial batch (as 90% of our clients do), we'll handle all the paperwork within a week. That's approximately 7 business days, starting from our first interaction. This is a remarkable 60% faster than the industry standard.

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At, we're not just another tech recruitment platform. We're your experienced and trustworthy partner, experts in remote work and global talent sourcing and vetting. We understand the nuances of working with diverse backgrounds, ensuring you avoid the hassle of high employee turnover.

We're not confined by borders. Boasting a remarkable 97% success rate and an impressive 95% talent retention rate, specializes in finding, evaluating, hiring, and managing tech talent from Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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