How to hire TypeScript developers: The definitive guide
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February 15, 2024

How to hire TypeScript developers: The definitive guide

JavaScript is the backbone of website programming for companies worldwide. Yet, when its capabilities fall short, a failsafe solution emerges: TypeScript developers. It's a strategic move that can save you from headaches down the road.

According to GitHub's Octovers report, TypeScript stood tall as the 4th most prevalent programming language in 2022. The programming landscape echoes this sentiment, with a Stack Overflow analysis of 65,000 developers ranking TypeScript as the 2nd most renowned language, just trailing Rust. This surge is echoed by the booming demand for TypeScript developers across diverse organizations, attesting to its meteoric rise within the coding realm. Naturally, developers are now channeling their focus and study efforts into mastering TypeScript.

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This guide paves the way through the labyrinth of hiring high-performing TypeScript developers. From essential skills to seek, sourcing strategies, assessment methodologies, compensation insights, interview inquiries, and beyond—every facet is meticulously explored. Are you ready to dive in?

Benefits of hiring a TypeScript developer

Having a TypeScript developer as a part of your IT team is akin to ensuring the seamless operation of both the front-end and back-end aspects of any project. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Developers who specialize in TypeScript bring tangible enhancements to your users' experiences. They're adept at crafting bug-free code, with an eye for adding that extra layer of protection, guaranteeing a trouble-free future.

Before delving into the strategies of hiring a TypeScript developer, let's explore these additional advantages:

  1. Supercharged Tech Team: TypeScript injects a boost of performance into every developer, leading to enhanced productivity. Projects get wrapped up more efficiently in less time.
  2. Streamlined Code Management: TypeScript's remarkable code reuse feature means your developers don't have to labor over lengthy code snippets. Plus, it equips developers with a handy dashboard stocked with all the information they need about functions and libraries, saving precious time.
  3. Innovation at Its Core: TypeScript developers ride the wave of continuous updates in this plug-in, ensuring your code operates at its prime.
  4. Precision in Code Crafting: Working with TypeScript developers has a unique advantage – protection against syntax or compilation errors. They receive early warnings to avert code crashes and work alongside CI/CD systems that rigorously type-check code before release.
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Skills to look for when hiring TypeScript developers 

Hiring a TypeScript developer involves more than just scanning resumes; it's about identifying those essential skills that ensure your project's success. Whether you're a startup or a corporate giant, begin by defining precisely what you're seeking in a TypeScript coder. 

Consider the following crucial skills and traits as you embark on your quest for the perfect developer:

  1. Proficiency Across Programming Languages: TypeScript developers should possess a wide-ranging command of programming languages. While they may specialize in TypeScript, a fundamental understanding of multiple coding languages is essential.
  2. Database Know-How: Databases are the backbone of efficient data organization. Your developer should be adept at retrieving information, inputting data in tabular formats, and updating systems with new content.
  3. Testing Proficiency: In the recruitment process, assessing candidates' skills and knowledge is paramount. Here's how to do it effectively:
    - Request code samples showcasing their experience and skill level.
    - Look for developers who actively participate in the TypeScript community.
    - Solicit references from past employers who can vouch for their expertise and capabilities.
    - Ensure they possess the technical skills you require, such as a deep understanding of TypeScript and its features, experience in developing large-scale web applications, and the ability to craft clean, efficient code.
  1. Strong Communication: Effective communication is a non-negotiable skill for TypeScript developers, whether they work in-house or remotely. Clear, concise written and verbal communication is crucial for conveying opinions, thoughts, and reports effectively. How a TypeScript developer communicates can significantly impact how they're perceived.
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Factors to consider when hiring TypeScript developers

Before you decide to bring a TypeScript developer on board, it's crucial to understand how different project scenarios can influence your choice of developer. Here are key considerations:

1. Project in Progress

If your project is already underway with existing code, prioritize developers with skills that align with your project's technologies and frameworks. Look for someone who can seamlessly integrate into the project without requiring extensive code rewrites.

2. Starting from Scratch

Launching a project from scratch means making critical decisions about your tech stack, which includes software, languages, and libraries. Opt for popular libraries and frameworks known for their efficiency and performance. Seek guidance from experts in the field to help you make informed choices.

3. Short Projects with Defined Tasks

Short, well-defined projects can benefit from hiring developers with specific, task-relevant skills. These hires efficiently tackle tasks such as adding features, upgrades, updates, or maintenance on existing code.

4. Long-Term Projects

Longer, complex projects demand developers with a broader skill set. Effective communication skills are paramount, especially if you lack technical expertise. Prioritize candidates experienced in larger projects and diverse language backgrounds for back-end or full-stack roles.

5. Budget Considerations

Longer projects come with increased costs, necessitating investment in higher-rate developers with valuable expertise. Quality of work often aligns with the rate, dependent on the region.

6. Evaluating for Industry, Product & Company Fit

When choosing from candidates with the requisite skills, consider these areas of fit:

  • Industry-Fit: Prioritize candidates with experience in your industry vertical for improved results.
  • Product-Fit: Seek developers with a portfolio featuring projects similar to yours.
  • Culture-Fit: Ensure candidates align with your company's values and work style, promoting seamless collaboration.
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Sourcing TypeScript developers: Where to find top talent

When it comes to finding a high-performing TypeScript developer, you have several promising avenues to explore:

  1. Online Communities: Engage with vibrant communities on platforms like Reddit, Stack Overflow, and GitHub. These hubs are filled with TypeScript enthusiasts eager to share their expertise and potentially become your next hire.
  2. Hackathons: Dive into hackathons, where developers showcase their skills and compete. These events are magnets for TypeScript talent looking to refine their abilities.
  3. Conferences: Attend TypeScript-focused conferences to stay updated on the latest use cases and coding techniques, all while networking with potential developers.
  4. Job Boards: Leverage professional networks like LinkedIn, alongside job search engines like Glassdoor and Indeed, to connect with and recruit skilled TypeScript engineers.
  5. Reputable Freelance Marketplaces: If your project requires freelance TypeScript developers, platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer access to a diverse pool of professionals. Don't hesitate to explore alternatives to Toptal to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.
  6. Tech Recruitment Platforms: Consider tech recruitment platforms like to streamline your hiring process. These platforms grant you access to pre-vetted TypeScript engineers, enhancing the efficiency and speed of your hiring efforts. With, you can complete the entire hiring process in as little as 48 hours.
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Helpful tips for pre-screening a TypeScript developer

When pre-screening JavaScript developers, talent acquisition specialists play a crucial role in assessing candidates. Here are some helpful tips for conducting effective pre-screening:

  1. Assess work experience: Inquire about the candidate's years of experience working with TypeScript to gauge their seniority level. Understanding their past work experiences provides insights into their expertise.
  2. Evaluate English proficiency: Check the candidate's proficiency in English to ensure smooth communication between the client and developer. Effective communication is essential for successful collaboration.
  3. Consider soft skills: Look for important soft skills such as communicativeness, punctuality, and a professional attitude. A developer who exhibits strong interpersonal skills and professionalism is more likely to thrive in a team environment.
  4. Technical skills and knowledge: Evaluate the candidate's technical skills, asynchronous programming, cross-browser coding, frameworks like. A solid foundation in these areas is essential for a TypeScript developer.
  5. TS basics: Ensure the developer has a comprehensive understanding of TypeScript basics, including how it works, when to use it, and the description of data types, variables, functions, classes, constructor functions, and modularity. Strong problem-solving skills are also important.
  6. Pay attention to the candidate's environment: Encourage the candidate to participate in the call from a suitable environment. A clean, well-lit space with good camera quality and a headset for clear sound enhances the overall experience.
  7. Professional demeanor: Consider how the candidate handles the conversation flow. Active listening, clear communication, and politely seeking clarification demonstrate strong conversational skills and enhance their overall communicativeness.

Effective pre-screening for remote TypeScript developers

When it comes to pre-screening TypeScript developers, talent acquisition specialists hold the key to identifying top candidates. Here are some valuable tips to ensure your pre-screening process hits the mark:

  1. Assess Work Experience: Dive into the candidate's TypeScript journey by exploring their years of experience. This assessment helps you gauge their seniority and level of expertise, offering a glimpse into their past projects and accomplishments.
  2. Evaluate English Proficiency: Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. Assess the candidate's English proficiency to ensure they can engage seamlessly with your team and clients.
  3. Consider Soft Skills: Beyond technical prowess, soft skills play a pivotal role. Look for attributes like effective communication, punctuality, and a professional attitude. Developers with strong interpersonal skills and a sense of professionalism tend to thrive in team environments.
  4. Technical Skills and Knowledge: Delve into the candidate's technical skills, assessing their grasp of TypeScript, asynchronous programming, cross-browser coding, and popular frameworks. A solid foundation in these areas is essential for a TypeScript developer.
  5. TS Basics: Gauge the candidate's command of TypeScript fundamentals. Ensure they possess a comprehensive understanding of TypeScript's workings, use cases, and key concepts, including data types, variables, functions, classes, constructor functions, and modularity. Strong problem-solving skills are a must.
  6. Environment Matters: Encourage candidates to participate in calls from conducive environments. A clean, well-lit space with a quality camera and headset contributes to a smooth and productive conversation.
  7. Professional prowess: Pay attention to how candidates navigate the conversation. Active listening, clear communication, and a respectful approach to seeking clarification all reflect strong conversational skills, boosting their overall effectiveness in communication.

Interviewing TypeScript developers: Key questions to ask

Interviewing TypeScript developers requires a balanced mix of hard and soft skill assessment. Here are some insightful questions to consider during your interview process:

Hard Skill Assessment:

  • Why TypeScript: What's TypeScript, and why would you choose it over vanilla JavaScript for a project?
  • Static Typing: Explain the concept of static typing in TypeScript. How does it enhance code quality and catch errors early?
  • Variable Declaration: How do you declare variables with explicit types in TypeScript? Provide examples of basic data types.
  • Interfaces: What are interfaces in TypeScript, and how do they facilitate better code organization and extensibility?
  • Classes and Inheritance: Describe the role of classes in TypeScript. How does inheritance work, and how can it be implemented?
  • Optional Properties: How do you handle optional properties or parameters in TypeScript interfaces? Provide an example.
  • Generics: What are generics in TypeScript, and why are they valuable in creating reusable and flexible code?
  • Async/Await: Explain the 'async/await' syntax in TypeScript and its role in managing asynchronous operations.
  • Module Systems: Discuss the key differences between modules in TypeScript and the traditional JavaScript module pattern.
  • Decorators: How does TypeScript support decorators? Provide an example of using decorators to enhance a class or method.

Soft Skill Assessment:

  • Problem-solving: Describe a time when you debugged a problematic error. What approach and tools did you use?
  • Adaptability: Share an experience when significant, unexpected changes occurred. How did you handle the situation?
  • Communication Skills: How do you ensure effective communication with your team leader and team members? How do you resolve disagreements within the team?
  • Creativity: Narrate a situation where you applied creative or unconventional methods to solve a coding problem.

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TypeScript developer salaries 

Hiring TypeScript developers is a competitive endeavor, and offering an attractive salary is key to attracting and retaining top talent. On average, TypeScript developers in the US earn around $131,975 per year. However, it's essential to note that TypeScript developer salaries can vary, with the highest-paying positions reaching up to $160,000 annually, as reported by

To determine the right budget for hiring a TypeScript developer, several factors should be considered:

  • Experience level: The salary of a TypeScript developer greatly depends on their experience. Junior developers will command a lower salary than senior or lead developers.
  • Skill set: Developers with specialized skills or expertise in specific frameworks may command higher salaries.
  • Location: Salaries can vary significantly based on the developer's location. Developers in high-cost-of-living cities generally require higher compensation.
  • Project scope: The complexity and demands of your project can influence the salary you should offer.

Typically, for a TypeScript developer with intermediate experience, you can expect to pay between $50 to $100 per hour. However, these rates can fluctuate based on the factors mentioned above.

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