Index.Academy #5: From devs to CTOs with Jeremy Huang
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February 15, 2024

Index.Academy #5: From devs to CTOs with Jeremy Huang

From coding to C-Level! Calling all driven engineers, get set for Index.Academy #5 featuring Jeremy Huang, the CTO & Co-founder of Daloopa, an AI solution for investment research data. Discover the fastest route from developer to CTO as Jeremy will share insights on role transition challenges, how responsibilities evolve, lessons from the front lines of remote work, and valuable advice for aspiring engineering team leaders.

In short, you'll need to be the best at all three – people, tech, and leadership.
Jeremy Huang on what it takes to be a CTO

About Jeremy & Daloopa

Jeremy Huang, a seasoned CTO, is transforming investment research with AI. He used his software engineering experience from Airbnb and Facebook to co-found Daloopa, a startup using AI to enhance clarity and efficiency in finance.

Daloopa boasts a global team of over 250 employees, spanning across offices in NYC, India, and Brazil. The partnership with began in 2021 when they initially hired a Machine Learning Engineer.

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Impressed by the remote performance and technical expertise of their first hire, Daloopa swiftly expanded their team with contractors. They brought on board 8 additional engineers from the Middle East, LatAm, and Central Eastern Europe, filling key roles in Machine Learning, Cloud Infrastructure, Computer Vision Engineering, Full-Stack, and Frontend development. Leveraging's hiring expertise allowed Daloopa to efficiently secure top tech talent for these positions within days. The results were outstanding, with both the engineering team and developers acknowledging the remarkable collaboration and improved performance.

Key stats:

  • Total number of assigned engineers: 9
  • client since: 2021
  • Tech stack coverage: Django, Python, AI, NLP, AWS, PyTorch, Webflow, Figma, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, JavaScript, CSS.
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Previous positions before becoming CTO (Source: The Global CTO Survey Report)

Key topics on our agenda

1. Common skill sets and leadership traits of a CTO

To excel as a CTO, you need to put your people skills to the test while further strengthening your tech prowess.

While managerial skills carry weight, a CTO must also be proficient in the technical aspects of software engineering. This includes advanced management of applications and technologies, alongside a deep understanding of software development and programming fundamentals. A CTO's role involves leading diverse teams across various departments, necessitating superior decision-making, and providing guidance on significant matters such as market trends, IT budgets, and long-term strategy. Soft skills are equally vital for effective leadership, encompassing employee motivation, communication, and adept project management.

2. Becoming a visionary CTO & getting ready to lead

A CTO must focus on the big picture and lead the team in the right technological direction. Anticipating trends and staying ahead is crucial.

A substantial part of a CTO's day is dedicated to communication, including technical engineering work, team enablement, brainstorming solutions, architectural planning, and problem-solving. That's why having a robust vision of the environment and being prepared to lead are essential.

A crucial skill for a CTO is the ability to focus on the big picture and think strategically. While team members in delivery, product management, UX, and engineering concentrate on the details, the CTO shoulders the responsibility of guiding the team in the right IT technology direction for the enterprise. This requires a forward-looking approach, always staying ahead of emerging trends and anticipating future steps.

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3. Learning to let go and stepping back from your first love – coding

Transitioning to the role of a CTO can mean letting go of your primary love – coding. This shift can happen immediately or gradually over time. Just as the conductor of an orchestra doesn't play an instrument, a CTO's role is more about fostering growth in others.

A proficient CTO knows when to code and when to invest more time in team management. Sometimes, coding remains crucial, and developers need assistance. Other times, the CTO may guide coding decisions rather than being directly involved in coding.

The balance depends largely on the team's size. In smaller teams, a CTO may engage in coding, at least to some extent. In larger teams, developers typically handle most of the coding, while the CTO ensures quality control and provides support from the sidelines.

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How did you become a CTO? (Source: The Global CTO Survey Report)

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