Index’s Founder Unveils the Insights of the Company for GoodFirms
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February 15, 2024

Index’s Founder Unveils the Insights of the Company for GoodFirms

Index assists leading corporations in scaling their engineering teams. The issue is that hiring engineers in local markets is both expensive and challenging. There is a limited supply locally but plenty on a global scale. The company is constructing a global platform of remote engineers to increase the chances of competing and building software products for man8y businesses that would otherwise be limited by in-country recruiting.

Index combines in-country sourcing, a thorough vetting process, and an easy-to-hire business model to assist you in scaling your remote engineering team.

We assist every organization on the planet in realizing its full potential by providing exceptional talent. Remote work is the way of the future, and Index makes it simple to scale your team on demand. Our way is a "work without limits" model that includes in-house, distributed teams, remote employees, and freelancers.

The GoodFirms team interviewed the founder of Index, Sergiu Matei to know more about the company and its services. 

Starting with the interview, Sergiu mentions that "we assist leading companies in growing their engineering teams, Index collaborates with Omio/GoEuro, Vodafone, YC startups, and small and medium-sized tech firms. The issue is that hiring engineers in local markets is both expensive and challenging. There is a limited supply locally but plenty on a global scale".

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Index is a company based in the United Kingdom. To help enterprises scale their remote engineering teams, manage them efficiently, and retain top-tier employees, Index combine in-country sourcing, a rigorous vetting process, hassle-free recruitment, and an easy-to-hire business model.

Further continuing with the interview, Sergiu narrates the company’s inception story:

"I recall that year vividly because I had to graduate from Oxford. At the time, I was living in San Francisco. I've already had issues with hiring full-time remote engineers for my projects. The procedure was complicated, painful, and costly. On the one hand, skilled tech talent from various regions, such as CEE, CCA, and LATAM, could not find the exciting opportunities offered by international start-ups.

In a startup, you must find the right team to assist you in creating unique products that your customers will enjoy. Finding the right team is difficult. It's challenging to limit your search to the city where your company is based. Hiring top tech talent in New York, London, or Berlin is expensive and can take months.

We decided to embark on this journey to contribute to a world in which inequality is reduced, a more distributed, diverse workforce is empowered, and a future in which the best local talent does not have to leave their country in search of a better future. Remote work equals more equal opportunities for people all over the world." 

In conclusion, Sergiu mentions that Index. dev helps businesses hire, manage, and scale engineering teams. The company is constructing an intelligent matching infrastructure that facilitates the remote hiring journey by providing detailed developer profiles, a rigorous vetting process, quick hiring, and management solutions for current and future hiring challenges.

Index, an intelligent talent marketplace, reduces the hiring process, which typically takes months to days. He goes on to say that Index provides peace of mind to software projects in five ways.

  • Clients do not need to be concerned about new infrastructure. They can immediately begin development because the necessary infrastructure is already in place.
  • Clients do not need to be concerned about recruitment. Clients do not have to worry about basic software development errors because they can find talented developers with knowledge, synergy, and expertise who have handled similar projects for multiple clients. They are paired with software engineering experts who have years of experience.

From large company hiring managers to startup founders, everyone talks about how difficult it is to compete for good talent that is available locally. The local market is so competitive that a candidate with only two years of experience can be offered compensation comparable to that of a top executive in non-tech industries.

In ten years, I see Index as a step closer to becoming the leading marketplace for remote hiring. We work to assist businesses in releasing the world's most valuable resource - untapped global talent.

Thus, having read the above information shared by the founder of the company, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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