Mastering Agility in Hiring: 3 Easy Steps to Improve Candidate Selection Process
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February 15, 2024

Mastering Agility in Hiring: 3 Easy Steps to Improve Candidate Selection Process

In the not-so-distant past, our recruitment process was notably different. We conducted headcount planning sessions annually and reviewed them every six months, a process that involved HR and hiring managers. Once plans were set, execution took center stage. Feedback was limited, and stakeholders were primarily HR-focused.

Recognizing the limitations of our previous model, we've shifted to a new paradigm. Our approach to recruitment has evolved. By embracing agility, adaptability, and collaboration, we're better equipped to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition in this ever-changing landscape.

But what exactly is agile recruiting? How does it function, and what benefits can it offer, particularly in the context of developer hiring and selection? Let's delve into the details to unravel the answers you're seeking.

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Understanding Agile Methodologies

Over the traditional waterfall method - rigidly following a predetermined plan, agile -  working in short cycles or iterations, focusing on delivering small, functional increments of a project, proved to be the most efficient working method in software development. This innovative approach, known as "Agile Hiring”. Just as agile software development emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, and iterative progress, agile recruiting mirrors these principles in the talent acquisition process. Agile Hiring involves rethinking the recruitment and selection process to align with the values of agility and flexibility.

Agile recruiting process (Source: beamery)
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Key Elements of Agile Hiring

Whether you are an individual contributor or lead a recruitment team, you’ll be surprised of how many benefits you reap, just making small adaptations of your recruitment process:

1. Fostering Cross-Functional Synergy

In the Agile Hiring methodology, collaboration reigns supreme. A harmonious amalgamation of voices from diverse departments including HR, hiring managers, team members, and even potential peers of candidates enriches the selection process. This cross-functional alliance ensures a holistic evaluation and an informed decision-making landscape.

>>> Translating Theory into Practice: In a world that values teamwork and diverse perspectives, our commitment to cross-functional collaboration is the bedrock of our Agile Hiring strategy. At, we engage everyone, harnessing their collective potential to amplify the hiring process. This is amplified by our Referral program. Our pinnacle of collaborative efforts is embodied in our Sourcing Party. It's a celebration of collective prowess, where everyone is invited to reach out to top performers from their past teams. 

What else can work? Simple yet impactful actions, such as donning the "Hiring" LinkedIn frame, can work wonders. Amplifying results, some may advocate open positions within their professional networks. This approach finds its stride, particularly in the engineering sphere, yielding exceptional outcomes.

2. Embracing Iterative Excellence

Contrasting the traditional waterfall model of recruitment, where rigidity prevails, agile recruiting champions adaptability and responsiveness. Just as software projects are tackled in smaller, focused stages, the hiring journey is divided into manageable iterations. Each iteration hones in on a distinct facet: sourcing, screening, interviewing, and assessment. This methodology facilitates nimble adjustments and constant refinements as insights are gained from each cycle.

>>> Translating Theory into Practice: At, we add iterations on the process, according to the specifics of every role. If we need someone to help us with a role, we would not wait for an extra couple of months to get the new recruitment plan validated, nor would we have a complex approval process for the new hire. We would consider a new hire, even if it was not forecasted at the beginning of the year. It can be on a long-term or project basis, because yeah, you should be creative at the forms of collaboration, too. 

Specific talent requires a specific approach. For some candidates we would consider some extra assignments, for others, extra soft skills tests, and for the third ones, we would ask for referrals. You would just use your recruitment tools in the most useful ways, playing with them so they work for you and not vice versa.

3. Embracing a Culture of Continuous Feedback

It's a practice that echoes the very essence of agility - the constant pursuit of improvement. Throughout the hiring journey, regular feedback loops are cultivated. Insights and suggestions flow from hiring managers, team members, and candidates, contributing to the ongoing refinement of the process. This real-time feedback mechanism ensures that your approach remains adaptable to evolving requirements and is finely attuned to the candidate experience.

>>> Translating Theory into Practice: Easier to hear than to do? Absolutely not if you establish a ceremony. Just in the agile methodology - set up the frequencies of your sprints and communicate on the progress. I would say on a weekly basis works the best for us at Make your sprints work for you, meaning - communicate what was the progress, set up the targets for the upcoming week, propose actions for everybody in the team to contribute, brainstorm on the new channels of recruitment and commit to the sprint backlog. You’ll be amazed by your new pool of candidates and by the overall quality of your recruitment. Besides, your candidates will feel the difference in their journey, too, regardless of the final decision.

Benefits of Agile recruitment
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Benefits of Agile Hiring

The adoption of Agile Hiring methodologies offers several benefits for organizations:

  • Faster Time-to-Hire: By breaking down the hiring process into iterations, organizations can significantly reduce the time it takes to find and hire suitable candidates.
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Continuous feedback and transparent communication contribute to a positive candidate experience, regardless of the final outcome. Candidates appreciate timely updates and a clear understanding of the process.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Cross-functional collaboration fosters a deeper understanding of the role's requirements and encourages alignment between different departments.
  • Better Quality Hires: Agile Hiring focuses on a candidate's potential, values, and cultural fit, resulting in candidates who are not only skilled but also aligned with the organization's mission and culture.
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Final thoughts

Done well, agile recruiting is a flexible, effective, and collaborative way of working. No one says agile recruitment is the perfect solution to all recruitment challenges.Just as in any strategy, success hinges on execution.

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