Maximize Remote Developer Sourcing with These 4 Hacks
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February 15, 2024

Maximize Remote Developer Sourcing with These 4 Hacks

It's no secret: recruiting top-notch tech talent is tough. The CodingGame 2023 survey confirms it's the #1 challenge for tech recruiters. This challenge keeps growing despite industry upheavals like mass layoffs.

But here's the twist: Developers are still eager for fresh opportunities. Stack Overflow's research shows that 54% of developers are open to new ventures. This is where smart technical sourcing strategies come into play. The goal? Transforming passive tech candidates into active ones – a vital skill in 2023's tech landscape.

In this article, I'll guide you through the process with 4 key steps to ace developer sourcing.

1. Nail the strategy, overcome challenges

The first key to unlock your technical sourcing strategy's potential is understanding and conquering your core challenges:

  • Skills gap: In the realm of technical sourcing, conquering the skills gap demands a comprehensive approach. It's more than just honing in on developers' coding languages. Instead, it requires assessing a candidate's entire profile, including problem-solving prowess, teamwork capabilities, and time management skills. 
  • Battling bias: Diversity isn't just a buzzword; it's the bedrock of a thriving company. It's not only ethically sound but financially astute. McKinsey's research underscores this, revealing that companies embracing gender and racial diversity tend to excel financially. It's more than just ticking boxes; it's about crafting a workforce that resonates with varied perspectives, fueling innovation, and steering your company toward above-average profitability.
  • Employer branding and candidate engagement: It's about creating an environment where tech talent doesn't merely stay but thrives. At, we've honed strategies that propelled our tech talent retention to an impressive 95%. This isn't just about offering competitive salaries; it's about cultivating an ecosystem where tech talents find purpose, growth, and lasting fulfillment.
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2. Harness technology for effortless sourcing 

In this segment, we dive into a selection of tools that not only simplify but maximize your sourcing journey:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): More than just a repository, it's your ticket to an organized talent pool. This system proves its mettle beyond mere storage; it empowers you to tag, filter, and engage candidates through tailored outreach. From nurturing to automation, an ATS is your strategic partner throughout the sourcing journey.
  • AI-Powered sourcing: Time is the linchpin of recruitment, and AI-powered sourcing tools are the antidote to its scarcity. This dynamic realm brims with innovations that expedite candidate discovery, decision-making, and analytics. By automating redundant tasks such as candidate search, resume parsing, and job board posting, these tools liberate recruiters to focus on strategic engagements.
  • Data-driven recruitment: Metrics are the compass guiding your sourcing. Whether it's the quantity or caliber of sourced hires, these metrics unlock invaluable insights. They render a data-driven approach that bolsters your recruitment efforts. From elevating the quality of hires and refining candidate experiences to trimming time-to-hire and embracing diversity, analytics are your key to an empowered recruitment strategy.
Metrics to track for data-driven hiring
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3. Explore beyond talent borders

Employing contractors or outsourcing to Eastern Europe can reveal a treasure trove of technical expertise and innovative engineers. This region stands as a haven for businesses seeking high-performing tech talent, boasting over a million programmers. The allure is undeniable, with Poland commanding the spotlight, hosting 30.8% of these adept minds, closely followed by Ukraine with 15.4%, and Romania with 10.7%.

Eastern Europe isn't just a reservoir of numbers; it's a reservoir of excellence. These countries foster a robust educational foundation in science, technology, and engineering, nurturing a wellspring of expertise. A remarkably high English literacy rate. Countries like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, and Ukraine rank among the top 45 globally in English skills.

But it's more than just skills; it's culture. Eastern European talent mirrors the robust work ethics and mindset of their American counterparts. With technical prowess that echoes innovation, educational strength that echoes competence, and a work ethic that resonates commitment, Eastern Europe stands not just as an outsourcing destination, but as a hub of excellence that transcends geographical borders.

Developer population in Central & Eastern Europe (thousands)
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4. Attract, don't pursue

Regardless of your size, your journey begins with your brand, weaving an employer image that beckons the best. There is a correlation between culture, retention, and reputation - the elements that attract high-performing tech talent.

  • Forge your employer brand: Your brand shouldn't merely be perceived; it should be distinctively recognized in your niche. It's not only about the eyes of your current employees, customers, and social media followers. It's about crafting an allure that resonates with potential candidates. 
  • Build connections: From any avenue of discovery, candidates tread a single path – your website. Storytelling and authenticity can be expressed through your digital realm, especially your ABOUT and CAREERS pages. They echo your values, culture, mission, and vision, through employee testimonials and experiences. Transform your team into the advocates, showcasing your essence, beliefs, and aspirations. Consider weaving visual testimonials, videos, and articles that encapsulate the essence of your culture.

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