Paris Blockchain Week: Paving the way for high-performing web3 recruiting

February 15, 2024

Paris Blockchain Week: Paving the way for high-performing web3 recruiting

Web3 is the future, but who’s gonna build it? One of the most influential global blockchain events, Paris Blockchain Week returned on 20-24 March 2023 to a new venue at Le Carrousel du Louvre. 

With a lineup of over 10,000 attendees, 400 speakers, 60% C-level executives, and a busy agenda on Web3, NFT & Metaverse ecosystem, Paris Blockchain Week was all about the forward-thinking business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, creators, and developers who gathered in person to build the future of web and share insights on the blockchain space and its prospects. 

The world-famous Louvre offered the perfect backdrop for web3, NFT, and the metaverse ecosystem and for the key players in the blockchain world Ethereum,, The Sandbox, and Metaverse Group.

Paris Blockchain Week included: 

  • Start in Block 
  • Investors Event 
  • Talent Day 
  • Web3XP
  • NFT
  • Gaming 
  • Metaverse 
  • Master Stage


Yves La Rose, Co-Founder and CEO of the EOS Network Foundation

Sébastien Borget, COO, The Sandbox

Robby Yung, CEO, Animoca Brands

Betty Dubney, COO & Founder, The Oikos

Jeremy Allaire, CEO, Circle

Suk-Jae Chang, CEO, Cocone Europe OÜ & Head of Global IR/PR Group of Cocone Corp.

Moderator: Hervé Larren, CEO of

“During this week, the leading figures discussed the most challenging issues of the blockchain industry, including traceability, digital asset liquidity, and employment opportunities. I left the event with a better understanding of the potential of blockchain technology and demanded tech talent.” - Daniela Rusanovschi, Senior Account Executive 

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Ahead of Paris Blockchain Week, our squad Daniela Rusanovschi, Sales Account Executive alongside Mihai Golovatenco, Director of Matching & AMD, did cutting-edge research on the web3 recruitment ecosystem and unpacked some critical web3 recruitment challenges blockchain businesses are facing:

  • Lack of qualified candidates: the web3 industry is still in its infancy, and there is a shortage of qualified developers
  • High demand for talent: with the increasing popularity of blockchain, the demand for talented developers, designers, and other tech specialists is high
  • Difficulty in assessing skills: blockchain and Web3 technologies are highly specialized, and it can be difficult for employers to assess the skills and qualifications of candidates.
  • Difficulty in retaining talent: the Web3 industry is highly competitive, and talented individuals can be poached by other companies offering better compensation and benefits. This can lead to high turnover rates.
  • Difficulty in understanding the technology: with the ever-evolving nature of the Web3 industry, it can be difficult to evaluate candidates' skills and make informed hiring decisions.
  • Lack of standardization: there is currently a lack of standardization in the Web3 industry, which can make it difficult for employers to assess the skills and qualifications of candidates.

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All these challenges often make it difficult for blockchain companies and startups to compete with larger organizations to attract blockchain talent as well as find the right talent to fill key roles. 

A smiling man with crossed hands on orange background
Mihai Golovatenco, Director of Matching & AMD

Loaded with recruiting essentials, Daniela & Mihai unveiled new ways for blockchain companies to screen, connect, and hire high-performing blockchain developers from Balkan countries. 

As one of the most-anticipated events of the web3 industry, the week-long conference saw startups Nephele Labs, Cyrex, and established enterprises Cardano Foundation, Libertify who were treated with expert insights on how leveraging can impact them: 

👉Remote hiring in the new era of austerity: 

👉Blockchain talent acquisition that doesn’t cost a fortune

👉Cutting headcount costs 

👉Better talent placement optimization 

👉Talent retention increase 

👉Future-proofing tech talent strategy

👉Forging a new partnership with 

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