Refer-a-Dev use case: How assigned a top-tier Ruby expert
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February 15, 2024

Refer-a-Dev use case: How assigned a top-tier Ruby expert

Since launching in 2019, has built a legion of devoted developers thanks to its super responsive services, like streamlined hiring, payroll management, and flawless talent integration.

Recognizing the value and power of referrals, set out to harness its community of developers and provide them incentives through its upgraded Refer-a-Dev program

And the results kept coming. This use case explores how developers can use the Refer-a-Dev to recommend tech talent and help them land a full-time, long-term remote job with companies in the US, UK, and EU startups.

Great developers know other great developers

Vinicius Gesteira is a senior freelance Ruby developer based in Canada (originally from Brazil) with over 8 years of experience in back-end software development. He was invited to join the network by our Sourcing team and got vetted as a high-performing developer for future Ruby projects. 

Vinicius took the initiative to refer a friend to He introduced his friend Herculano by sending the CV directly to the Sourcing team and got his referral validated shortly after. 

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Vinicius Gesteira, Ruby Developer

The suggested candidate, Herculano is a super-senior Ruby on Rails from Brazil with tech lead experience and 15+ years of expertise. 

He was shortlisted for a New York-based, AI-powered startup OpTonal in a full-time 3-month auto-renewing engagement with buyout possibilities. 

With one goal in mind to bridge the sales knowledge gap, OpTonal analyzes sales call recording and captures best practices used by top performers, and creates short audio talk tracks for easy practice. 

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Headquarters: New York, USA

Founded: 2021

Last Funding Type: Angel

Despite a dynamic environment and shifting priorities, Herculano adapted and integrated fast and now is thriving at the job. 

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RoR Developer assigned through Refer-a-Dev program

A win-win opportunity for everyone involved

Following a successful referral talent placement and trial, Vinicius earned a solid bonus. At the same time, managed to add a top Ruby on Rails developer in its pipeline, which is a great result, especially if we take into account that Ruby on Rails is one of the hardest-to-fill roles on the market. 

So, it’s a double-sided win-win reward. 

Joining Refer-a-Dev can be very beneficial for developers. Not only will they receive rewards for their referrals, but they will also be helping their friends get access to great job opportunities. 

“Refer-a-Dev is an excellent way for developers to make some extra money while helping out their friends to find employment that suited their skill set perfectly. So don’t hesitate to refer to your own contacts next time you come across something similar!” - Vinicius Gesteira, Ruby Developer

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At we are scrambling for tech talent. If you know that super-pumped friend, a friend of a friend, colleague, or neighbor that spends most of their time coding? We want them!

Find out more about how our Refer-a-Dev program works. 

Important note: It only counts if you promote the referral exclusively to fellow developers and software creators. Responses from non-developers will be nullified.