Index upgrades the Referral Program for its community of developers
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February 15, 2024

Index upgrades the Referral Program for its community of developers

Great developers know other great developers.

Starting today, you can refer developers to Index and if they get assigned to a project and finish the trial successfully, you’ll earn extra bonuses. 

According to the Stack Overflow developer hiring landscape, almost 30% of developers found their current job through a friend, family member, or former colleague.

This statistic shows the significance of your employees’ networks in such a competitive space like tech recruitment. And to maximize the potential of these networks, Index created a robust and efficient Refer-a-Dev program. 

How does it works? 

Follow these quick steps to submit your referral

Step 1: Complete the Referral form

Fill in the Google form with all the necessary information such as updated CV, rate expectations, timezone preferences 

Step 2: The validation of the referral 

Once your referral is validated, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique ID.

Step 3: Get your bonus 

If the suggested candidate gets assigned to one of our projects and successfully passes a 1-month trial, you will receive the bonus. 

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Get a reward bonus in 3 easy steps

Please note that there’s NO limit to the number of Tech Talents you can refer to.

⛔If a suggested candidate is already part of our database or has already applied before, the referral will not be considered.

The Index Refer-a-Dev program is designed to recognize and reward our Community of Developers who chip in by referring tech talents from friends, co-worker, and acquaintances so they could join our network and get assigned to a project. 

This program is an opportunity for developers from all around the world to earn extra bonuses and play their part in building high-performing remote tech teams across the globe.

We believe globally distributed tech teams are the future of work, so the referral bonus is our way of reaching out to quality candidates that can add value to our projects. Plus, it’s our way of thanking the Index community worldwide for bringing the best and brightest developers in the industry to join the platform. 

For more questions regarding terms, conditions and rules of engagement, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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