Vetting High-Performing Tech Talent: Our Rigorous 4-Step Process
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February 15, 2024

Vetting High-Performing Tech Talent: Our Rigorous 4-Step Process

Building high-performing tech teams isn't easy. After vetting 200k candidates and handpicking the elite 5% over the years, we've perfected a model that boosts your development capacity without compromising quality. – Sergiu Matei, CEO & Co-founder

At, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality tech talent from CEE, LatAm, Balkan, CIS, and Asia to leading tech companies in the US, UK & EU. Clients often ask how we ensure our devs are high-performing.

Well, there are two key factors: a stringent 4-stage vetting process and a handpicked pool of tech talent.

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Within 48 hours, you'll meet three stellar candidates, accurately matched with a 99% precision tailored to your industry and job specifics. They often stay for over a year, aiding in your project growth and success.

Our focus is precision in matching. We deliver Ready-to-Interview candidates who excel in work ethic, match US remote performance standards, and achieve an outstanding project retention of up to 13 months, surpassing in-house hires. How do we achieve this? It's simple: a steadfast commitment to rigorous vetting. – Eugene Garla, VP of Talent

Dive into the inner workings of our engineering talent vetting process at

Key sourcing tactics

1. (Really) Extensive Sourcing

When we say extensive, we mean it! Unlike typical tech talent databases that cap at around 5,000 entries, our sourcing goes way beyond. Over the past four years, we've scoured a whopping 200,000 engineers across multiple tech domains: full-stack, front-end, back-end, DevOps, Team Leads, QAs, Product Managers, AI/ML professionals. How? By leveraging 500+ channels, including diverse engineering communities, popular forums like Quora, Reddit, GitHub, and Discord, renowned global job boards, and specialized local job boards such as in Poland, in Moldova, or Vagas in Brazil. We've even tapped into online and offline tech events, hackathons, and conferences worldwide. 

We thoroughly evaluate each candidate individually to make an informed choice. Our aim is to select tech talent that's performance-driven, excels in remote work, boasts advanced English proficiency, aligns with industry standards, and embodies US-level work ethics. – Mihai Golovatenco, Director of Sourcing & Matching

Candidate sourcing involves the following steps:

  1. Rigorous Screening: Our seasoned tech recruiters and matching specialists meticulously screen developers. We scrutinize resumes, portfolios, education, employment history, project complexities, and references to verify qualifications, identify red flags, and ensure reliability. 
  2. Dedicated Talent Pipeline Management: Every candidate undergoes an online interview tailored to extract their expertise and intentions clearly for each specific role. Successful candidates enter our talent pipeline management system, integrated into our platform, streamlining the process for both sides.
  3. Trustworthy Connections: By partnering with, bid farewell to unreliable freelancers and scammers. We prioritize trust and reliability, connecting you exclusively with reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated software engineers committed to adding value from day one.

During online interviews, we also meticulously assess technical skills, soft skill sets, and English proficiency. 

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Finding the elite 5% of software engineers on

2. Thorough Tech Assessment

At, our interview process isn't a mere formality; it's the cornerstone of our vetting system. We go beyond resumes and cover letters, delving deep into each candidate's abilities through extensive interviews and technical evaluations.

Understanding a developer's approach to a tech skill it’s not about looking through the lines of code. It involves researching, discussing, and comprehending their behavioral nuances in tackling that particular skill. – Kate Poleacovski, Tech Recruiter

Our tech assessment phase involves a meticulous review of CVs to ensure alignment with essential tech skills like programming languages, frameworks, algorithms, system designs, and more. We focus on evaluating a candidate's capability to perform specific tasks and emphasize the quality of their work on platforms like GitHub.

Beyond coding tests like Codility or HackerRank, our evaluation goes deeper. We aim to understand a developer's thought process and approach to work, emphasizing adaptability to new technologies and industry-specific expertise. – Valentina Serjant, Tech Recruiter

Contrary to seeking expertise in numerous programming languages, we prioritize candidates excelling in one or two key tech skills. Our goal is to identify developers showcasing reliability and excellence within their tech domain, a testament to their performance within tech teams.

Furthermore, we emphasize industry-specific expertise—candidates equipped with in-depth knowledge of specialized tools, adherence to industry standards, and an adaptable approach to ever-evolving industry trends.

Top skillset to look for in a high-performing engineer

3. Meticulous Soft Skill Verification

Unlike traditional outsourcing where one project manager liaises with the client, leaving team members detached, our approach is direct. We connect candidates directly to the client, ensuring direct interaction with the CTO or technology lead. This way, we provide dedicated developers, experts in their field, fostering effective communication and commitment. – Eugene Garla, VP of Talent

Founders and tech leaders often encounter a familiar situation: a candidate excels in technical aspects during the interview but falls short later on. A key factor contributing to such mismatches is often the oversight of a candidate's soft skills.

According to Blinkist, 85% of career success depends on soft skills, which are just as critical as technical prowess.

Soft skills requirements of tech talent in four regions
Soft skills ensure your technical skills shine. – Mike Sokirka, VP of Sales & Co-founder

Our well-rounded developer assessment encompasses more than just technical proficiency. They need:

  • Flexible problem-solving: Agile approaches to software development.
  • Communication skills: Proficiency in effectively communicating with diverse stakeholders.
  • Creative thinking: Essential for innovative problem-solving.
  • Focus on analysis: Beyond coding, understanding the broader project implications.
  • Time-management: Crucial, especially in remote settings, for meeting deadlines.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Handling stress, collaborating, and taking accountability.
  • Self-learning: 50% of developers face challenges keeping up with technological advancements. Staying updated is essential in tech.
  • Attention to detail: Adherence to coding standards and best practices.
  • Cross-disciplinary understanding: Awareness of user experience and business goals.
  • Business acumen: Understanding the broader impact of their work.

We ensure our available developers not only possess strong English communication skills but also exhibit a cultural fit, fostering seamless interaction across diverse backgrounds and countries.

Developer soft skills are considerably more indicative of future job performance than hard skills. – Andi Stan, VP of Product & Strategy

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Tech Talent - Tech Company accurate matching on

4. Laser-Focused, Super-Accurate Matching

LinkedIn or similar job boards rely on skill-to-skill matching, which has its limitations in tech recruitment. They often match a skill like Python to a job requirement for Python, overlooking the varied applications of Python in different contexts. – Eugene Garla, VP of Talent

One of the key distinctions between and other AI-driven platforms lies in our approach to talent curation. While we leverage technology to enhance our processes, our fundamental strategy involves handpicking the tech talent we offer to our clients. We meticulously evaluate candidates based on a comprehensive range of criteria. This includes not only their technical prowess but also their soft skills, alignment with the company's specific tech needs, industry fit, communication abilities, problem-solving acumen, and more.

Unlike AI-driven platforms that rely solely on skill-to-skill matching through algorithmic processes – such as matching Python skills to Python requirements – we understand the nuanced variations in tech applications. Python, for instance, can be employed in numerous ways, and our human-led approach ensures a deeper and more nuanced assessment. This ensures that the developers we present align perfectly with the unique requirements of each company. 

We leverage modern technology for speed and efficiency, but our ace tech recruiters bring their expertise to the table. Their involvement ensures we not only locate candidates promptly but also secure the best match for each role. This combination of technology and personal touch is what makes stand out. It leads to more successful job matches. – Mihai Golovatenco, Director of Sourcing & Matching

When we present candidates, either to our clients or directly through, they are not just profiles or resumes. We offer Ready-to-Interview Candidates prepared to contribute to your startup or tech company right from the start. Our commitment? Delivering three top-notch tech talents within 48 hours. While this doesn't happen every time, it occurs in 80% of cases, ensuring swift access to high-performing candidates.

The Importance of Vetting Developers

Vetting developers isn't just about skills; it's about finding the right fit for your company and project. Skipping proper vetting can result in:

  • Wasted time and resources
  • Low-quality code
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Missed deadlines and project delays

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Remote Developer Experience: Why Should You Care?

Congrats, you've secured a high-performing tech talent, dedicated to your project and expertly managed by us. But the job's only half done. The key to success lies in more than just hiring; it's about nurturing these experts, making them an integral part of your team. Inclusion plays a pivotal role in retaining talent. By investing in an enhanced developer experience, you grant these professionals the freedom to do what they do best: build great software.

Are they operating in an environment that aids their focus? Are the processes designed to minimize errors? Is the system empowering them to work at their peak performance level? Optimizing Developer Experience means fostering a collaborative setting where developers thrive, ensuring they are at their most productive, impactful, and satisfied.

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Considerations for a great developer experience:

  • Productivity: Swift and simple changes to codebases, well-documented processes.
  • Impact: Seamless idea-to-production transitions, rapid feedback loops, and collaborative efficiency.
  • Satisfaction: The impact of environment, workflows, and tools on developer happiness.

Here's what comprises a top-notch developer experience:

  • Effortless Communication: Easy sharing and communication among developers.
  • Information Accessibility: Availability of necessary information for swift task completion.
  • Minimal Friction: Elimination or reduction of obstacles that hinder progress.

Building a collaborative environment that fosters productivity and satisfaction is essential for harnessing the full potential of your remote tech talent.

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