What tech startups want: 4 in-demand AI skills 
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February 15, 2024

What tech startups want: 4 in-demand AI skills 

In the ever-evolving universe of technology, one star burns increasingly brighter – the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The surge of interest in AI has led to a pressing demand for diverse and specialized talents in tech companies worldwide. 

AI job posting in the U.S.

In today's rapidly transforming landscape, understanding the key categories of AI talent that tech companies are hunting for has never been more crucial. Based on current AI trends and on my own experience as the VP of Talent at Index.dev, I’ve come up with 4 sought-after skills that are fueling AI business transformation in and out. 

From SaaS Maestros navigating the first steps of AI adoption to API Architects remodeling products and services to be AI-centric, to Open-Source Orchestrators exploiting existing AI models, and finally, Foundation Crafters developing proprietary AI systems from the ground up — each of these talents represents vital cog in the engine driving a company's AI strategy.

Together, they constitute the vanguard of an AI-driven revolution, reshaping the way tech companies operate and thrive in an increasingly competitive arena. 

Continue reading as I unravel the significance of these talents and explore the future of AI in tech industries.

1. SaaS Maestros: Pioneering AI Adoption

Proportion of companies using AI-powered SaaS

In the current digital landscape, one of the key talents tech companies are vigorously seeking out falls under the sphere of 'Software-as-a-Service' (SaaS) expertise. The primary responsibility of this sought-after talent is to facilitate the organization's transition toward AI adoption, fundamentally revolutionizing the operations of existing software engineers. This individual is expected to pioneer and streamline the incorporation of AI systems into the company's current workflows, setting the stage for a future deeply intertwined with artificial intelligence.

Notably, the required skill level for this role is not as technically demanding as one might anticipate. The requisite knowledge goes beyond mere familiarity with AI and encompasses the ability to discern which solutions are best suited to the company's unique needs and objectives. Furthermore, this professional should be adept at performing 'light integration work' – delicately weaving AI systems into the organization's existing technological fabric without causing disruptive ripples. This role is instrumental in bridging the gap between traditional software engineering and the future of AI-integrated workflows, therefore acting as a crucial catalyst for the organization's digital transformation journey.

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2. API Architects: Building AI-Infused Solutions

Architecting an API backend

The second variety of AI talent that tech companies are on the hunt for revolves around the ability to 'Build Software Layers on Model APIs.' This talent plays a crucial role in not only integrating AI into the company's existing operations but also spearheading the transformation of its products and services through the infusion of AI capabilities. They effectively act as the architects, remodeling the company's offerings to be more aligned with the burgeoning trends in AI and machine learning.

The skill set necessary for this role is multifaceted and robust. It necessitates a sound foundation in software development, the ability to adeptly manage products, and the expertise to integrate databases seamlessly. Such a broad spectrum of capabilities implies a need for a diverse team that comprises at least one data scientist, a machine learning engineer, a data engineer, a designer, and a front-end developer. Each of these roles contributes its unique competencies to the collective effort, from formulating sophisticated data algorithms to crafting intuitive user interfaces.

The core value of this talent lies in its potential to reimagine and re-engineer a company's offerings to integrate AI at its very core. This not only enhances the functionality and performance of these products and services but also ensures they remain at the cutting edge of technology, propelling the company forward in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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3. Open-Source Orchestrators: Maximizing AI Potential In-house

Open Source orchestration framework

The third category of AI talent garnering significant interest from tech companies concerns individuals or teams skilled in 'Fine-tuning Open-Source Models In-house'. This talent fundamentally enhances a company's capability to leverage pre-existing AI models to amplify its internal databases and datasets. Moreover, it serves to elevate the company's products and services to a new echelon of efficiency and automation by integrating these pre-trained models into their core systems.

This role, however, demands a highly experienced team versed in data science and engineering. A crucial aspect of their skillset is knowledge of MLOps or Machine Learning Operations. This knowledge enables the team to effectively manage and optimize the life cycle of the AI models, thus maximizing their efficiency and impact. In addition, the team needs the resources and expertise to scrutinize or generate labeled data, which is vital for training and fine-tuning the AI models.

By leveraging existing open-source AI models, these professionals can provide substantial value to a company. They can significantly reduce the time and resources required to build an AI model from scratch, while simultaneously enabling the company to tap into the collective wisdom of the global AI community. Thus, this talent plays a transformative role in shaping a company's AI strategy, driving its growth, and fortifying its competitive advantage.

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4. Foundation Crafters: Designing Bespoke AI Models from Scratch

AI models

The fourth class of AI talent that tech companies are avidly seeking involves the ability to 'Train an Own Foundation Model from Scratch.' This specialized talent brings tremendous potential for propelling scientific breakthroughs and research advancements within the company. By building a bespoke AI model from the ground up, this talent empowers the company to establish a competitive advantage that stands unrivaled and is exceedingly difficult for others to replicate.

The proficiency required for this role is understandably exceptional. It calls for a large and skilled team of data scientists and engineers, possessing advanced, PhD-level knowledge of the subject matter. Their expertise should span the full gamut of AI model development and management, from understanding intricate AI theories and algorithms to implementing best-practice Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). They must also possess advanced skills in data and infrastructure management, ensuring the sound deployment and functioning of the AI model within the company's existing ecosystem.

This level of expertise allows the company to build a proprietary foundation model that caters explicitly to its unique needs and objectives. The in-house development of such a model enables the company to truly differentiate its offerings, driving innovation and elevating its status in the tech industry. Therefore, this talent represents not merely a skillset, but a strategic asset that can fundamentally reshape a company's future trajectory.

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Summing up

Each of these tech talents represents vital cogs in the engine driving a company's AI strategy, instrumental in driving AI adoption, integrating AI into existing products and services, maximizing the potential of open-source AI models, and even developing proprietary AI systems. Together, they are reshaping the digital landscape and redefining the future of tech industries.

In an era characterized by constant transformation, these talents will undeniably remain highly sought-after as companies worldwide strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology and secure a dominant position in the AI-powered future. 

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