Our Expertise

We offer a wide range of services from custom software development to hiring dedicated development teams.

indexfreelance platformsin-house
Hire Time1 week0-3 weeks1-3 months
Recruiting costs0at least $5000$5000-$25000
Hiring FocusTeamFreelancerEmployee
Automated payroll
ScalabilityUnlimitedLimitedVery Limited
Dedicated PM
Team ramp-up
Annual Savingsat least $40,000/dev
Additional costs included (office cost, taxes, perks, etc.)

Our Developers

We test our developers for qualities as

Attentive to detail

Attentive to detail

Our developers demonstrate thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved. Build a full-time, scaleable team of trusted and reliable developers.

Focused on High Quality and Speed

Attentive to detail

Index developers are expected to operate at all times with intense professionalism. Our programmers are passionately interested in speeding up the product development cycle and achieving the client's goals.


Attentive to detail

Index developers proactively search and offer to do additional work. It is the developer's duty to contribute wherever possible. We act like a core member of the client’s team. We own this.


Attentive to detail

Our developers take ownership on every project they join. We are live, remote additions to on-site teams, we respond to clients rapidly. We deliver work we are proud of.

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