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We launched the Refer a Lead Program for our community

November 22, 2022

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As a de-facto choice for recruiting remote tech talents globally, Index is positioned to continue to innovate and lead the tech market with top-notch projects for its developer communities. Today, Index announces a $5,000 incentive program to reward its community of developers and  partners who refer new Leads to its platform. 

With Index’s Refer-a-Lead Program, you can register the name of another company looking to hire software engineers remotely and if they get matched to a developer for a 6-month full-time engagement, you get rewarded.

What is a Lead? A Lead is a potential client for Index. 

How does it work? 

Give us a lead that ends in a deal and get up to $5,000 as a thank you. 

Follow these quick steps to submit your lead referral:

Step 1: Fill in this form 

Refer a lead with all necessary information such as company introduction, context, and contact information.

Step 2: The validation of the referral 

Once your referral is validated, your bonus will be confirmed as soon as Index signs an agreement and the project successfully starts.  

Step 3: Receive your bonus 

Index will pay up to a $5000 referral fee or 10% commission fee per lead when they hire with us. 

Get a reward bonus in 3 easy steps

Please note that there’s NO limit to the number of Leads you can refer to.

Kindly note that Index is interested in Leads that reached out to you (or Leads that you’ve contacted) recently or no longer than 3 years ago. 

We believe globally distributed tech teams are the future of work, so the $5,000 referral bonus is our way of reaching out to quality projects that can add value to our remote working developers. It is also our way of thanking the Index community worldwide for bringing the best leads in the industry to join the platform and  hire with us.

The Index Refer-a-Lead program is designed to recognize and reward the Index Community who take the initiative to refer leads to Index. The program is an opportunity for the Index partner Community to earn extra bonuses and be able to contribute to creating the best tech remote teams across the globe.

For more questions regarding terms, conditions and rules of engagement, please feel free to contact us at

Read Refer-a-Dev use case and discover how assigned a top-tier Ruby expert.

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