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Explore LLM training and development services at Index.dev. Our approach blends AI-accelerated delivery, on-demand ML & AI tech talent, and customised solutions to enhance your research teams and improve your LLM reasoning and coding skills. Benefit from high-quality content and data generation through supervised fine-tuning, reinforcement learning, and direct preference optimization.

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Milos V.

Milos V.

Data Scientist

10 Years of Experience

Cristi T.

Cristi T.

AI Engineer

8 Years of Experience

Christine C.

Christine C.

ML Engineer

9 Years of Experience

Kevin D.

Kevin D.

LLM Training Engineer

8 Years of Experience

Raul N.

Raul N.

Deep Learning Engineer

8 Years of Experience

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Elite Tech Talent for Exceptional Results

Innovative Model Training

Develop a custom model tailored to your domain-specific language-related tasks, ensuring an efficient training of AI models and more accurate AI systems.

Expert Coding & Debugging via LLM

Write clean code and debug algorithms for a smooth integration of AI models into your existing infrastructure, minimizing errors and maximizing performance.

Effective Data Analysis & Retrieval

Get high-quality data, identify patterns, and evaluate and rank responses generated by AI systems employing supervised fine-tuning and human discernment for continuous model enhancement.

LLM Adoption & Integration

Guide smooth LLM adoption and implementation into your current enterprise systems, from customer service platforms to content management systems, causing no disruptions to your operations.

Explore LLM Use Cases, While Hiring LLM Engineers

LLM in Healthcare

Experienced LLM developers bring transformative potential to the healthcare sector. From back-office automation and patient assistance to aiding in medical diagnosis and supporting clinical trials through molecular analysis, our LLM engineers offer invaluable expertise in transforming clinical practice and enhancing patient outcomes.

LLM in Banking & Finance

Our skilled LLM engineers offer tailored solutions to revolutionize banking and finance operations. Besides financial data analysis, our LLM engineers have experience in personalized trading assistance, chatbots, efficient onboarding of new customers, and market predictions. The analytics engine of LLMs also helps generate reports at scale and supports smart wealth management.

LLM in Retail & E-commerce

Our experienced LLM engineers can help you automatically extract relevant information from custom behavior and demographics data, sentiments, and feedback categories leveraging the powerful capabilities of AI and GenAI. By digging into seasonality data and customer behaviors, LLMs can predict future product demand, thus reducing stockouts and excess inventory.

LLM in Education

By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, such as tailored conversation environments and individualized learning programs, our LLM engineers bring new ways of personalized learning where each program, quiz, and test is cut out for individual students’ needs, interests, and learning styles. Moreover, LLMs serve as valuable tools for automating administrative tasks like grading and lesson planning.

LLM in Media & Entertainment

With expertise in generative AI, our LLM developrers enable creative industries to leverage the power of multimodal capabilities, crafting custom sounds, short-form videos, and fine-tuned content to captivate audiences. Moreover, they specialize in seamlessly integrating immersive experiences into gaming and advertising, thereby engaging audiences on personalized experiences.

LLM in Automotive

By integrating language models into vehicle infotainment systems, our LLM engineers enhance natural language understanding and elevate user experience through intuitive voice control. Furthermore, their experience with large language model solutions empower autonomous vehicles to process intricate environmental data and make informed, safe driving decisions, ushering in a new era of automotive innovation and safety.

Elevate Your LLM Research Blending Node & Human Expertise

Index.dev excels in creating LLMs from scratch and fine-tuning pre-trained models.

Model Assessment & Strategy Building

We begin LLM development by understanding your project's unique needs, complexity, and effort estimation. Index.dev collaborates with your product experts and researchers, blending their insights with our expertise in coding, data handling, and multimodal analysis to advance your LLM's performance.

LLM Development

Index.dev's LLM training team assists in optimizing your resource investment based on your needs. Our LLM development includes training, fine-tuning, deployment, management, and ongoing maintenance of models. We deploy our skilled training team strategically to ensure optimal performance.

Fine-Tuning LLMs

We employ supervised fine-tuning (SFT) to enhance LLM capabilities by calibrating them with targeted training data. Our solutions include chatbots, virtual assistants, sentiment analysis tools, and speech recognition systems. We test data to rigorously evaluate LLMs under diverse conditions.

Iterative Model Improvement

We utilize reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) and diverse parameter optimization (DPO) cycles to iteratively enhance the model. This approach allows us to improve the model based on user feedback and diverse dataset training continuously.

LLM Integration

Our LLM developers specialize in integrating large language models into various enterprise systems, software, digital products, customer service platforms, and content management systems. Prioritizing operational continuity, we ensure a well-planned integration process to minimize disruptions to your operations.

LLM Support & Maintenance

As long-term partners, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of your LLMs and LLM-based solutions. Our services include continuous monitoring of model functionality, adapting models to evolving data/use cases, implementing bug fixes, and ensuring timely software updates.

How Recruiting through Index Works

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Once contracts are signed, you and your dedicated developer can start working together, under our management.

Index's LLM developer Selection Process for Hiring

Background checks & remote performance


Step 1

Background checks & remote performance

We kick off our screening process with comprehensive background checks. We scout for tech talent well-versed in project management, AI tools, collaboration software, and with ample remote work experience. Our goal is to connect you with candidates capable of adapting to any remote work environment.

Soft skills & English proficiency


Step 2

Soft skills & English proficiency

In addition to technical prowess, Index.dev evaluates talent on soft skills like attitude, values, work ethics, education, and English proficiency. We prioritize amazing teammates, not just exceptional workers.

Technical expertise & problem-solving


Step 3

Technical expertise & problem-solving

Our tech assessment phase rigorously evaluates CVs for essential tech skills, including programming languages, frameworks, algorithms, and system design. Rather than seeking proficiency in multiple languages, we prioritize candidates excelling in one or two key tech skills.

Live interviews & coding tests


Step 4

Live interviews & coding tests

Candidates undergo rigorous live interviews and real-world tests to showcase their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity. Index.dev members are experts in their domain, and only those with exceptional results progress beyond this phase.

Culture fit, availability & time zone alignment


Step 5

Culture fit, availability & time zone alignment

As a quality-first remote work platform, we prioritize top talent and top client satisfaction. We assess personality traits, culture fit, and time zone availability, seeking candidates who are passionate and fully engaged in their work. This principle guides every engagement and project delivery.

How people describe our collaboration

Brian L.

Brian L.Client

CEO • 50+ employees

Excellent company to co-operate with. I've got only positive emotions to work closely with Index.dev company which helped me to find a new project with excellent engineering team. It allowed me to find new horizons as a developer and work harder with a stack of apps which are trending at this moment.

Aryk G.

Aryk G.Client

Founder • 250+ employees

They are not only recruiting devs, they keep a close communication channel and careful listen to you and providing feedback so not only the client is happy but also you.

Hellen G.

Hellen G.Client

Head of Recruiting • 100+ employees

Index is our secret weapon for hiring experienced software developers and delivering scalable AI-powered solutions for our clients.

Alexandra F.

Alexandra F.Client

HR Manager • 50+ employees

We have been collaborating with Index for several years as partners and it has been an amazing experience. The communication is always transparent and efficient, the team knows the market and the best strategies to drive growth and is always ready to try something new to achieve even greater results. Index.dev uses a data-driven approach in everything they do, so each decision or next step is always based on numbers to make sure the client accomplishes the best results. A pleasure to work together!

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Index in Numbers


high performing vetted talent from Balkans, CIS & LATAM


longer commitment compared to in-house engineers


technologies covered, from Python & Java to Rust & Scala


months average job engagement

7+ years

the average industry experience of our tech talent


successful trial-to-hire placements

Our LLM Engineer’s Expertise

Generative Models

Our AI engineers specialize in refining foundational models to develop domain-specific models, leveraging deep expertise in architecture, training, and applications.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our generative AI engineers robust applications capable of performing tasks such as text generation, sentiment analysis, text summarization, and translation with precision and efficiency.

Machine Learning

Our GenAI engineers are proficient in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning techniques, allowing them to adapt and deploy AI solutions effectively for diverse business needs.

Deep Learning

With deep expertise in this field, we work with intricate neural networks, implement cutting-edge algorithms, and customize solutions to unlock the full potential of AI for our clients.

Data Collection and Annotation

We specialize in gathering and preprocessing large datasets, a critical aspect of training generative models. Our meticulous approach ensures the quality and reliability of training data.

Model Fine-Tuning

Our engineers excel in fine-tuning pre-trained models for specific applications and domains, enabling them to create adaptable solutions tailored to our clients' unique requirements.

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