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The cultural fit dilemma for technical recruiters: Embracing company values & team dynamics

July 26, 2023

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For any relationship to thrive, there must be chemistry and shared values. The same principle applies to your staff. We all seek that professional unicorn who possesses the perfect blend of skills, experience, and culture fit. Unfortunately, finding someone who excels in all three areas is a rare gem. 

Finding the perfect candidate among a sea of resumes is no small task. Whether you're hiring for a large corporation or a small business, a single wrong hire can spoil the entire team. That's why filling any position should never be taken lightly.

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Performance/culture matrix

Should the cultural fit be even a question for technical recruiters?

There is no hesitation for hiring when we, as recruiters, find the right skills and experience, combined with a personality that matches our company culture. But from my 15 years of experience in Recruitment and HR, these happy combinations are about 3% of the total cases. So what do we do with the rest of the candidates? 

Hiring for skills or attitude is, like the chicken and egg, the ultimate dilemma of every recruiter. Here is some food for thought - do we, as technical recruiters, match the culture at all when it comes to seniors in niched domains? If we do, how much of a compromise do we accept when it comes to culture matching? On the other hand, are we ready to compromise on skills when we find a match for the company culture?

According to Mark Murphy’s research described in his “Hiring for attitude” book, out of 20,000 hirings tracked over a period of 3 years, 46% of all hirings would fail within 18 months. Shocking enough? Should I mention the costs? What is even more shocking is the reason for these failures. Imagine that 89% of all failures are  caused by ATTITUDE - lack of understanding of the company’s goals, poor coachability, low emotional intelligence, etc. Only 11% of the failures were actually due to the lack of skills or expertise. 

So what do we do as companies to mitigate the risk of a hiring failure?

Define your company culture and nurture a flourishing work environment

Creating a thriving work environment goes beyond hiring individuals based solely on their skills and qualifications. The concept of cultural fit emphasizes the significance of evaluating candidates' alignment with our company values and team dynamics. By embracing this approach, organizations can foster a workplace culture that encourages growth and collaboration, propelling the success to new heights.

Align values for collective success

When evaluating candidates, it is essential to assess their alignment with the company's core values. Individuals who share these values tend to demonstrate a strong commitment to the organization's mission and are more likely to embody its culture. This alignment not only leads to enhanced employee satisfaction but also cultivates a sense of shared purpose and fosters a cohesive team environment, where everyone works towards a common goal.

Source: Gallup

Strengthen team dynamics for optimal performance

Beyond individual fit, evaluating candidates for their compatibility within the team dynamic is crucial. A team that functions harmoniously can leverage diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences, ultimately leading to innovative solutions and higher productivity. Assessing candidates' ability to collaborate, communicate effectively, and adapt to different work styles ensures a cohesive and supportive work environment, where synergy propels the team forward.

Stats on diverse & inclusive workforces

Embrace diversity within cultural fit

Cultural fit should not be misconstrued as hiring individuals who are identical or think alike. On the contrary, embracing diversity within cultural fit is essential for fostering creativity and resilience within a team. Encouraging diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enriches problem-solving and decision-making processes. Organizations that prioritize both cultural fit and diversity are better equipped to navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

Unleash human potential

When organizations place emphasis on cultural fit, they create an environment that enables individuals to unleash their full potential. Employees who feel valued and supported in their personal growth are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and loyal to the organization. By carefully evaluating candidates' alignment with company values and team dynamics, organizations can build a workforce that thrives, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and collective success.

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The power of cultural fit in hiring is essential. It goes beyond skills and qualifications, focusing on candidates' alignment with company values and team dynamics. By embracing this approach, organizations create a nurturing environment that fosters collaboration, diversity, and the unleashing of human potential. When individuals connect deeply with their work and colleagues, they are inspired to achieve remarkable feats, driving the organization towards greater success.

What makes a great place to work?

Considering about a 12% hiring rate at the end of the recruitment pipeline with, it is obvious that culture matching is an essential differentiator in our internal recruitment process. And this is exactly what we commit to deliver to our customers - the techCo side of our business.

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