One & only Upwork alternative for Hiring Developers
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February 15, 2024

One & only Upwork alternative for Hiring Developers

Upwork, known as one of the leading platforms for hiring developers, connects millions of freelancers and employers from around the world. It offers a wide range of skilled online workers, making it an attractive option for building remote teams.

However, despite its large user base and considerable web traffic, Upwork is not without its drawbacks. Users often encounter frustration with the bidding process, and the platform's security features leave room for improvement. It’s not that Upwork is bad. On the contrary, Upwork has earned a well-deserved reputation as a reliable platform where customers and freelancers collaborate successfully on various projects. However, when it comes to seeking enhanced reliability and support throughout the hiring process, niche recruiting platforms like may offer a more favorable option. In this article, we will explore a brief comparison between Upwork and, highlighting the reasons why choosing remote software contractors from over freelancers from Upwork can be a preferable choice.


The main strengths of Upwork for hiring developers

Upwork stands out as a leading platform for hiring due to its key strengths, which consistently attract and retain clients:

  1. Extensive and diverse talent pool: Upwork boasts a vast and diverse talent pool with millions of skilled freelancers and staffing agencies from all corners of the globe. This expansive selection ensures that clients can find the right talent for their specific project needs, regardless of the industry or specialization.
  2. Budget-friendly options: Clients appreciate the flexibility in pricing that Upwork offers. With freelancers available at different price points, clients can find professionals that fit their budget, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.
  3. Flexible hiring arrangements: Upwork provides clients with various hiring options, allowing them to tailor their workforce to the project's demands. Whether it's short-term or long-term projects, part-time or full-time arrangements, Upwork accommodates a wide range of hiring preferences.
  4. Transparent freelancer profiles: The platform offers detailed and transparent freelancer profiles, showcasing past projects, client feedback, ratings, and qualifications. This transparency empowers clients to make well-informed decisions when selecting freelancers for their projects.
  5. Secure payment system: Upwork's secure payment system offers peace of mind to both clients and freelancers. With milestone-based payments and an escrow system, clients can track work progress and release payments only when satisfied with the deliverables, ensuring a fair and trustworthy payment process.

Why look for Upwork alternatives? 

You may want to explore them thoroughly before starting the hiring process. Here are our top three:

  1. High competition for quality freelancers: Upwork's popularity attracts a large pool of freelancers and businesses, leading to intense competition for top talent. Finding the right freelancer with the required skill set may be challenging, especially for specialized skills or during peak periods.
  2. Bidding is frustrating: Upwork operates on a bidding system, allowing freelancers to set their own price ranges for the services they offer. While this may initially seem straightforward, the reality is that the number of freelancers on the platform significantly outweighs the number of clients. Consequently, clients often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of bids they receive. In order to select the right freelancer for their project, clients are required to invest considerable time and effort in reviewing numerous profiles, resumes, and reviews. 
  3. Time-consuming hiring process: The hiring process on Upwork involves several steps, from posting jobs to reviewing profiles and negotiating contracts. Managing a large number of applications can be time-consuming, and clients may need to invest significant effort to find the right fit for their projects.
  4. Limited control over freelancers: While Upwork provides communication tools, clients may have limited control over freelancers' work processes and schedules. This lack of direct oversight could be a concern for some clients, especially for long-term or complex projects.
  5. Quality and reliability concerns: Despite the work history and ratings displayed on profiles, clients may still encounter freelancers who fail to meet expectations in terms of work quality and reliability. Resolving such issues may require extended communication and potential revisions.
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It's worth noting that these reliable features are not exclusive to Upwork, as they can be found on other platforms as well. This leads us to the question: Who is the top contender for Upwork?

The answer depends on the specific talent or skills you require. In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison between Upwork and, exploring their respective strengths and suitability for different hiring needs. Let's dive in and discover more. vs Upwork

Since specializes more in hiring software developers, we’ll be comparing it to Upwork only in this regard. 

1. Vetting uses various filtering layers to curate an exclusive selection of high-performing profiles for its clients. This ensures that the tech talent the platform assigns to your project possesses the following qualifications:

  • 3-4 years of experience in a particular tech stack and 6+ years overall
  • Expertise in the client's industry
  • Professional assessments, tests, and certifications 
  • An upper-intermediate level of English
  • Background in remote work and international projects
  • Proactivity, ability to take the lead and initiative

With its thorough vetting process in place, tech companies can assign only the top 5% performers based on: experience, technical expertise, proficiency in multiple programming languages, problem-solving and leadership skills, software design abilities, data structures and algorithms, and many more.

Upwork operates as a bidding platform, so there is no such thing as vetting here. You get to work with freelancers who applied to your job posting, but there is no guarantee that every applicant will be a qualified professional. It is the responsibility of the client to carefully review each freelancer's profile, portfolio, and reviews to make an informed decision about whom to hire.

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2. Speed

Finding a freelance developer whose skills align with your specific needs can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Moreover, there's always the risk of a freelancer disappearing suddenly, leaving you without compensation or a replacement.

In contrast, offers a reliable solution as a well-established tech recruitment platform. specializes in connecting clients with expertly vetted developers proficient in over 100 technologies. The platform ensures a swift and efficient assignment process, typically taking up to 72 hours. What sets apart is their high success rate, with 90% of their clients hiring the first candidate suggested by the platform. It's highly likely that you will find your ideal developer quickly and hassle-free through

The service team at Upwork is also fast. They will match you with the best freelancers for your project within days. Once you've matched, all you have to do is interview the candidates and hire the ones you want.

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3. Pricing

Working with Central Eastern Europe, Balkan, and Latin American developers, provides you with a better price-quality balance than some of its more famous competitors.

Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, which means you can find developers from anywhere. Hourly and fixed rates differ greatly here. Just keep in mind that ‘cheap’ does not mean ‘good’. Moreover, Upwork charges freelancers a service fee of 20% which can impact overall budget. 

4. Security is a comprehensive hiring solution that helps you source, find, manage and retain talented developers. All the developers on are pre-vetted, so you can rest assured that you'll get what you pay for without exception. If you don't think the chosen developer is a good fit, you can ask the team to find you a new candidate within two weeks at no extra cost. You sign an NDA with every contractor you hire via Your data is also protected, so you should not be worried about the safety of your project. 

Despite the fact that Upwork uses escrow and has ID verification, your risks of running into a scammer on this platform are considerable. Also, Upwork is full of ghosts! Plus, the varying levels of expertise among freelancers on Upwork can lead to inconsistent quality of work, potentially impacting a client’s overall experience. Another concern regards intellectual property rights. Upwork has no mechanism in place to ensure that you are the proper owner of your freelancers' work products. 

5. Customer support has been in the industry for a significant period of time and has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner for clients and developers alike. The platform prioritizes long-term assignments and takes significant measures to ensure client satisfaction. offers dedicated Account Managers who provide continuous support to your company, ensuring a transparent and efficient communication throughout the assignment.

Upwork's customer support primarily relies on a knowledge base and submitting help tickets. Real-time support from human agents may not be readily available, which could be a concern for clients who value immediate assistance.

6. Retention

Unlike Upwork, which doesn't have a contractor retention strategy, offers many benefits you can use to attract and retain freelancers. These include community forging events, premium HR services like handling payments, and work-life balance, so important to keep developers in the best shape. 

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Why choose

Why go with

When you work with software engineers, you can rest assured that they are fully committed to your project. prioritizes the quality and reliability of its tech talent. The platform conducts rigorous vetting processes to ensure that companies have access to highly skilled software engineers who possess not only exceptional technical expertise but also strong ethical values and international experience. 

Additionally, handles all aspects related to their payments, compliance, and integration, streamlining the process for you.

By partnering with, you can say goodbye to scammers and unreliable freelancers. The platform takes pride in providing a trustworthy platform that eliminates the risks associated with working with unscrupulous individuals. The focus is on connecting you with responsible and dedicated developers who are committed to your project's success.

Additionally, is known for establishing loyal, long-term partnerships with its clients, leading to a: 

✔97% of successful assignments and trials passed

✔95% tech talent retention rate

✔90% matches with the platform's first suggested candidate

Reach out to our matching experts and onboard highly-skilled software engineers within 48 hours.

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