's Referral Program Upgrade: Earn up to $150K and Hear from Our Top Earners
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March 05, 2024's Referral Program Upgrade: Earn up to $150K and Hear from Our Top Earners

Looking to turn your network into revenue streams? Want to make a positive impact by helping tech companies and business owners speed up lengthy hiring processes and build high-performing tech teams on demand? has upgraded its Lead Referral Program to give you the opportunity to do just that – make a positive impact and earn up to $150,000 in commissions per client you refer.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this article, we delve into how our newly-upgraded Referral program works, providing tips and tricks for earning efficiently and effectively. We also reached out to two of our highest-earning partners to gather their motivation for referring new clients in search of high-performing tech talent.

Aryk Grosz review on Index Referral Program

But first things first. Here are the steps you can take to contribute to's growth, impact tech talent opportunities, and start earning big.

Turn your network into revenue streams by joining our lead referral program and earn up to $150,000 for each successful client referral who hires our high-performing tech talent →

How Index referral program works

The Power of Personal Recommendation

Nothing is more powerful than a personal recommendation, and nothing is easier than recommending a global remote work platform like With our commission structure starting at 5% of contract value and scaling up to $150k based on the number of tech talents hired by your referrals, earning with us is lucrative. As soon as your referrals hire tech talent through, you earn 5% monthly commission for each successful hire’s monthly contract, with no upper limit. Track and manage your referrals seamlessly through a personalized dashboard. 

Joining our Lead Referral Program is straightforward:

1. You Refer

Sign up in minutes, grab your unique link, and refer tech companies in need of top-notch tech talent.

2. They Hire

When your link brings in a new company that hires our talent, your referral is a success.

3. We Pay

For every successful deal closed with your referrals, we pay you monthly commissions. 

It’s a win-win-win-win relationship: you earn, companies hire senior tech talent, tech talent gets rewarding projects, and scales high-performing tech teams worldwide.

How Can You Help?

With's Refer a Lead program, scalability is the key. Here's a 5-step guide on how to manage referrals like a pro:

Step 1: Warm Introductions

Imagine you're Norman, an entrepreneur and investor with a vast network of potential prospects for You know the CTO of Grimple, a mature startup in search of highly qualified tech talent, from Developers to DevOps to QAs.

Step 2: Sharing with Precision

Norman discovers's Lead Referral Program and promptly registers on the platform. Upon registration, Norman obtains a unique referral link, which he promptly shares with the CTO of Grimple. In his recommendation, Norman emphasizes the benefits of's remote hiring solution and highlights the advantages of hiring from's thoroughly vetted talent pool.

Step 3: Contract Signed, Earnings Begin

Impressed by the quality of tech talent provided by, Grimple signs contracts with five software engineers for various roles including Backend, Frontend, DevOps, and Full-stack, with a total monthly salary of $48,000. With the contracts finalized, Norman's 5% commission on the monthly payments kicks in, generating $2,400 in monthly commissions for him.

Step 4: Scaling Up for More Earnings

Recognizing the partnership's potential and its scalability, Norman expands his referrals to 10 tech companies, collectively hiring 35 engineers from on long-term contracts, resulting in earnings surpassing $120,000 per month. Norman efficiently manages it all through the dashboard, tracking successful hires, monitoring monthly payments, and mastering the referral game effortlessly.

Step 5: The Sky's the Limit

As more engineers are hired through Norman's referrals, his commissions continue to grow without limits. With each new contract signed, Norman sees a boost in his monthly earnings. Not only does Norman help companies secure high-performing tech talent, but he also celebrates the financial success of every signed contract. 

One of the standout benefits of hiring remote contractors from is their remarkable average staying power of 13 months and retention rate, which is three times higher than that of in-house hires. This not only ensures stability but also maximizes earnings from every successful partnership builds upon your referral.

Turn your network into revenue streams by joining our lead referral program and earn up to $150,000 for each successful client referral who hires our high-performing tech talent →

You Get What You Give: Mutually Beneficial Alliance

Earning up to $150k is just one of the many reasons partners refer new clients to For many of our partners in the Lead Referral Program, it's about more than just the monetary reward – it's about helping their peers and partners succeed.

Aryk Grosz review on Index Referral Program

Genuinely Helping People in Your Community

“I often encounter people who are experiencing the same challenges that I was facing a couple of years ago; trouble recruiting and hiring technical talent. The impact of's involvement was transformative, turning what could have been a time-consuming hiring process for my referrals into a simplified and goal-oriented experience,” said Aryk Grosz, founder of Tribefy – a social network that connects people who share the same passions, hobbies and interests.

Aryk referred Shift to, a US-based online marketplace on the lookout for skilled Business Analysts. By leveraging the referral program, Aryk facilitated the hiring of a senior Business Analyst with 13 years of experience from Argentina for Shift, leading to cost savings and accelerated software development. “From running assessments and placement tests to conducting interviews and facilitating the onboarding process, provided comprehensive support throughout the entire hiring cycle, ensuring a successful outcome for Shift,” claimed Aryk Grosz.

Aryk himself has earned well-deserved monthly commissions, generating substantial revenue. This wasn't Aryk's first rodeo with us. In fact, he's referred a total of 2 clients to, resulting in many successful hires. “I don't think about it as being a referrer. I think about it as genuinely helping my friends and people in my community,” concluded Aryk.

So, why is Aryk so confident in our platform? Well, as a seasoned founder, he understands the challenges of hiring high-performing software engineers. The’s ability to deliver quality tech talent has significantly eased the hiring burden for Aryk and his referrals, leading to overwhelmingly positive outcomes.

Forging Partnerships and Meaningful Connections

The Senior Principal of Strategic Partnerships at a leading Global HR Platform shared insights into their experience: "Referring isn't just about rewards; it's about forging meaningful partnerships and fostering connections. By collaborating with through their Referral Program, we're not only driving business growth but also shaping the future of work by embracing remote opportunities and accessing highly-qualified global talent."

In 2023, this platform referred Genemod – a modern software for scientific research – to Genemod sought skilled Full-Stack developers proficient in Django and React, a challenging requirement to fulfill. Thanks to the referral, Genemod hired 2 senior Full-Stack Engineers on long-term 12-month contracts, generating over $180,000 in annual revenue. The global HR platform has earned $6,000 in commissions to date, with projections indicating $14,000 in the next 8 months, totaling $20,000 per deal through our upgraded Lead Referral Program. It's all about simply connecting clients with the highly qualified engineering talent they need.

Turn your network into revenue streams by joining our lead referral program and earn up to $150,000 for each successful client referral who hires our high-performing tech talent →

 Why is worth sharing

What Makes Worth Sharing

Our goal is to provide value, not noise. At, we specialize in matching leading tech companies with vetted talent, providing three highly qualified candidates for each role within 48 hours. 

With extensive experience, a commitment to long-term engagements, and a focus on client support, we power up the hiring process, saving up to 40% on development costs and ensuring a 3x talent retention rate compared to in-house tech talent. 

Our dedicated Account Managers offer continuous support to our clients and newly-assigned tech talent. 

Additionally, our use of machine learning tools streamlines the sourcing, screening, interviewing, and matching processes, making them efficient, transparent, and effective.

Get Started Today

Ready to become a catalyst for remote work and positive impact? We’re building a tech remote work platform where software engineering opportunities abound. 

Join and start referring new clients to earn up to $150k in monthly commission once they hire with us. 

With our 30-day money-back guarantee and discount for their initial hire, it's a win-win for everyone. 

Sign up today and kick things off with just one referral. Here's to unlocking new opportunities together!

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