This Is How Guarantees Client Satisfaction with Its Remote Work Platform
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February 15, 2024

This Is How Guarantees Client Satisfaction with Its Remote Work Platform

A significant advantage of is that it has a specialization. The platform can find tech talent that others can’t. The platform works with narrow-profile contractors. At the same time, security, reliability, and high quality of provided talent or job are among the keystone propositions it can offer to both clients and talent. 

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Clients know that they will be provided with specialists whose professional and personal qualities were verified, assessed, and approved. Talent knows that they will get paid for their work, and paid well.

Here’s how we guarantee customer satisfaction: 

  • You get to work with vetted candidates who possess all the skills necessary for the job;
  • You entrust the information on your projects to a legitimate legal entity;
  • You are safe from scammers and irresponsible freelancers;
  • You have a responsible Account Manager between you and the assigned tech talent;
  • You hire proven tech talent from expert pools - CEE, CIS, Balkan Peninsula & LatAm.

Industry leaders like Perforce, Venly, Glopal, SimpliField, and Entrupy have embraced, tapping into the top 5% of meticulously vetted tech talent and saving up to $1 million in annual savings on hiring needs. For some, it worked out like this:

Helping Entrupy hire diverse tech talent for rapid scaling

Entrupy: Scaling an AI-powered authentication service's engineering team quickly

Ryan Keavney, VP of Engineering at Entrupy
“'s involvement in the hiring process transformed it from being time-consuming and challenging to a streamlined and goal-oriented experience.” - Ryan Keavney, VP of Engineering at Entrupy

Aiming to modernize their app, Entrupy was in need of a highly skilled iOS developer. Following a two-stage interview process, Entrupy selected a highly qualified developer from the UAE and swiftly onboarded him. This developer possessed seven years of experience in Objective-C, showcasing expertise in various areas such as architecture, design, development, testing, and deployment of iOS applications. Impressed by the quality of candidates and the successful integration within their tech team, Entrupy decided to expand their team to encompass diverse tech roles. Over the course of two years, their collaboration with consistently resulted in the acquisition of:

  • 4 senior-level iOS developers for App Development from Europe & LatAm highly-proficient in Objective-C, Swift, Swinject, Unit Testing, Flask, JavaScript.
  • 3 senior-level Python developers for both Full-Stack and Backend Development from Europe & LatAm skilled in Django, MySQL, MongoDB, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS.
  • 1 senior-level Vue.js developer from Brazil with a basic knowledge of Python.
  • 1 senior-level Automation QA from Romania skilled in GitHub, Bugzilla, Bug Tracking, Computer Science, and iOS.

In total, this project saw the assignment of 12 talented developers, culminating in a remarkable partnership marked by excellence and achievement.

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Helping Venly build a new core tech team in Europe in a month

Venly: Assembling a blockchain development team with diverse tech talent

Tim Dierckxsens, CEO of Venly
“We invest a lot of time in the hiring process. We thought a lot about what will make a developer successful at Venly. Top of our list was the drive, determination, constant learning of new things, and ownership of work. And delivered all that on time and within the budget.” – Tim Dierckxsens - CEO of Venly

With one mission in mind to make blockchain technology accessible for everyone, Venly needed to up its software development capabilities with diverse and new tech talent. There was a requirement for: 

  • Front-end developers with robust knowledge of Angular and a basic understanding of NFT & blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin)
  • Back-end developers with proven knowledge of Java and a basic understanding of NFT & blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin)
  • QAs with Selenium testing expertise and basic knowledge of NFT & blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin) shortlisted 6 candidates per each role, from over 50 prospects screened. As a result, Venly hired two frontends, two backends, and two QAs software engineers. Which means, Venly hired 33% of the engineers' Index put in touch with - completing one hire per every three hand-picked prospective candidates.

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Helping Perforce streamline time-to-hire for hard-to-fill tech roles

Perforce Software: Reducing time-to-hire & finding out-the-box developers

Doug Diehnelt, Head of Engineering at Perforce Software
“With we were able to find talented developers for our hardest-to-fill roles, saving precious time on conducting interviews. On top of that, kept the pulse of everyone involved ensuring long-term engagement between our software development team and newly assigned engineers and high retention rates.”  – Doug Diehnelt, Head of Engineering at Perforce Software

Perforce, leading US providers of highly scalable development and DevOps solutions, was looking for candidates who specialized in some extremely rare and hard-to-fill roles such as DevOps or Ember.js, setting background, experience, and time zone as a fundamental requirement. But finding the right candidate through the traditional hiring process in these technologies was extremely time consuming, costly, and inefficient, especially when the candidate pool is limited, candidates have poor resumes, and the market is increasingly competitive.

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It took several days for Index to provide a top-performing candidate from Brazil who previously worked at the production site of the 3rd largest bank in South America. The assigned developer was hired for a long-term engagement after a two-stage interview process and started working full-time just two weeks after the initial presentation.  

Impressed by the candidate quality, Perforce Software placed 5 more job opportunities with Index. There was a requirement for: 

  • A senior Ember.js developer, LATAM-based to work for their team located in the US;
  • A senior .NET developer specialized in .NET API and Visual Studio plugin, LATAM-based to work for their team located in the US;
  • 3 more Senior DevOps engineers with excellent AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker knowledge, Balkan-based to work for their team located in Israel.
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Why choose 

With a significant tenure in the industry, has earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for both clients and developers. Clients opt for us due to our comprehensive recruitment services, including:

  • Expertise in finding remote dedicated developers
  • On-demand remote team creation
  • Project-based development services

Our commitment extends beyond recruitment, as we nurture long-term, high-retention relationships with both clients and tech talent. Our engineers seamlessly integrate into your team, dedicating 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week to your project. We are flexible to accommodate short-term or project-based engagements based on your needs. Additionally, a dedicated account management team is available to assist you whenever required.

We employ a data-driven tech recruitment approach, streamlining sourcing, screening, interviewing, and matching, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and success.

This model consistently yields exceptional results, fostering clear task comprehension, project direction, team cohesion, and product excellence.

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