Unlocking the power of referral: Aryk Grosz's story with Index.dev's Refer-a-Lead program
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February 15, 2024

Unlocking the power of referral: Aryk Grosz's story with Index.dev's Refer-a-Lead program

From day one, Index.dev has been revolutionizing the tech recruitment landscape, forging trusted partnerships and delivering innovative solutions. With a commitment to excellence in speed, optimized talent placement, and access to a global network of elite software engineers, Index.dev has become the go-to platform for businesses seeking long-term success.

In this article, we uncover the impact of Index.dev's lead referral program through the story of Aryk Grosz, the visionary founder of Tribefy - a hyper-local social network that connects people locally. By leveraging the referral program, Aryk facilitated the hiring of a senior Business Analyst for Shift, leading to cost savings and accelerated software development. We explore Aryk's lead referral journey, the incentives he received, and the tangible benefits provided by Index.dev. Join us as we delve into the power of partnerships and referrals in the tech recruitment landscape.

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A strategic alliance built on mutual benefit

In November, Aryk Grosz, a reliable partner of Index.dev, co-founder of Mixbook, and founder of Tribefy,  took the initiative to refer Shift to Index.dev making use of the Refer-a-Lead program.

This strategic alliance aimed to help Shift leverage Index.dev's global pool of high-performing tech talent and streamline their hiring process.

Shift, a successful US-based online marketplace for buying and selling used cars that raised an impressive $504M, was on the lookout for a skilled Business Analyst. They needed someone who could excel in various responsibilities, such as evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, improving and modernizing systems, implementing solutions, and leading ongoing reviews for business processes. Budget, time-zone, and a remote work background were top priorities for the role.

But there is a shortage of qualified Business Analysts. This skill shortage is especially felt by the companies who compete for this role locally. The requisite combination of qualification – technical knowledge, business perspective, and interpersonal skills – is difficult to find in a single individual. 

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How we made it happen 

To kickstart the process, the Index.dev team tapped into a pipeline of highly skilled Business Analysts and carefully selected best-fit candidates for the role. With a reputation for housing top-rated Business Analysts, LatAm became the primary source for sourcing, screening, and vetting these candidates.

Index.dev quickly identified a highly qualified Business Analyst from Argentina. With 13 years of experience, this candidate was not only an Agile Certified practitioner and Certified ScrumMaster but also held the position of Product Manager for a platform specializing in building virtual 3D stores. His remote background and convenient time zone made them a perfect fit for the role. The candidate also seamlessly integrated into the team, exceeding expectations consistently in his full-time, long-term position.

The impact of Index.dev's involvement was transformative, turning what could have been a time-consuming hiring process into a streamlined and goal-oriented experience. From running assessments and placement tests to conducting interviews and facilitating the onboarding process, Index.dev provided comprehensive support throughout the entire hiring cycle, ensuring a successful outcome for Shift, claimed Aryk Grosz. 

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A win-win opportunity for everyone involved

Aryk received a steady referral bonus of $5,000 for successfully referring Shift to Index.dev. 

The process was simple and involved:

  1. Completing a lead registration form
  2. Validating the referral once the deal has been completed
  3. Earning a referral fee equal to 10% of the contract value
Index.dev Refer-a-Lead program

The commissions were paid to Aryk by Index.dev on a monthly basis after Index.dev received the funds from the referred lead.

In the same way, Aryk helped his friends at Shift hire an excellent tech talent in a difficult field, reducing headcount costs and hiring time: “Index.dev and Shift have built a strategic alliance based on mutual benefit. I'm happy to have been involved. It's like a triple-sided win-win-win relationship", said Aryk Grosz. 

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How Index.dev is retaining its top clients 

“Nothing builds new business more reliably than a sustained effort in gaining referrals from existing and past clients.” - Sergiu Matei, CEO at Index.dev

At Index.dev, we understand the power of referrals in building a successful business. By delivering valuable services and understanding our clients' needs, we create and maintain authentic connections that inspire loyalty and lead to more referrals.

We know that client relationships extend beyond the point of hiring or sale. That's why we strive to be a reliable partner throughout the entire engagement. 

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