Year in review:’s highlights in 2022 and resolutions for new year

February 15, 2024

Year in review:’s highlights in 2022 and resolutions for new year

Another year has swiftly passed and this brings us to a year full of significant accomplishments. It’s been a year that challenged our operational excellence, triggering us to reorganize, reinvent and react quickly to new tech employment challenges. is delighted to share the most significant milestones of the past year and is even more determined for the year to come. Before we dive into new year’s celebrations, here’s a look at what we were up to in 2022.

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Sergiu Matei, CEO & Founder: Staying resilient despite challenges

What a year! Despite the war, tech layoffs, and recession that challenged our values and operational excellence throughout the year, we showed incredible resilience in doing what we love most: 

Connecting the brightest engineering talent with the world's most innovative enterprises.  

This year we’ve become Europe's leaders in sourcing and vetting developers from Europe’s hottest spots like CEE, Balkan, Baltic, and Caucasian countries. As a team, we were part of countless tech events, both local and international, including Web Summit, FinTech Connect, Startup Grind, Trustech, AI & Big Data Expo, discussing tech recruitment and sharing experiences with Venly, Perforce, or Matsuko. Plus, Index founders and experts participated in and hosted numerous podcasts, interviews, and panel discussions: Tech Crunch, Forbes, Fast Company, etc.

I humbly acknowledge the trust, vision, and support of our partners, developers, teammates, co-founder, and like-minders. And from the entire Index team, I want to wish you a restful holiday period and out-the-box achievements in the year to come. Cheers!

Mike Sokirka, Co-founder: Making remote work happen 

This year, I observed that the future of remote work and a world with equal opportunities is already unfolding. The demand for brilliant software engineers has hit an all-time high as our clients have grown their globally distributed software development teams by an average of 30%.

Although it has not been an easy one, we managed to push the boundaries and make remote work happen:

97% successful trials and placements

97% retention rate of developers we assigned 

80% growth for our pool of senior developers 

500 new job opportunities to come 

It’s exciting to see how quickly remote software development is growing and to have the opportunity to work with partners and developers that show the same belief. 

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Elena Bejan, People & Culture Development Director: Growing strong and stable

2022 was a wonderfully contrasting year, filled with both great achievements and lessons learned. From the People's side, we knew a massive extension of the team. Our team grew by 50%, strengthening with a raft of experienced tech-savvy professionals.

From Culture’s side, It’s been a year in which we have rediscovered the importance of values like partnership, lifelong learning, trust, and gratitude. We managed to organize two important and defining events: the Family Day event and International Team Retreat. That allowed us to fortify our unique Index culture and align every employee with the Play, Purpose, and Potential framework. As part of the lifelong commitment to learning, we started reading one book a month and organized reading circles, where we discussed the key outcomes and lessons learned.

The most defining lesson of this passing year was Recognition. To be able to say ‘Thank you’ to people you work with and appraise the best performers and the ones that are the best ambassadors of the company's Values - became our credo. 

Eugene Garla, VP of Talent: Helping developers reach their full potential

For all the growth and innovation we’ve seen this year, I know we’re barely scratching the surface of what we will achieve in the new 2023. 

This year we have worked hard to bring out our platform to more developers, with the strong belief that when people have the ability to pursue a path to a fulfilling career, they can reach their full potential. From the 200,000 developers we’ve sourced, 8,000 were expertly vetted and added to our I’d like to remind you that we started the year with 0 devs on the platform. 

Seeing more and more developers stepping out of the norm and becoming part of this platform fulfills us with boundaryless possibilities. That’s why expectations for 2023 are big. Bigger clients, more interesting projects, improved data-backed sourcing, and matching, personal cabinet profile, and 24/7 support are just a few of them that will onboard soon. 

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Andi Stan, VP of Strategy & Finance: Building the future of work 

Looking back, it was tremendous. But, leaving it, it was full of hard choices. I walked away from the comfort of 16 years in a finance career and pivoted to product and strategy in a fast-growing tech start-up, Index. 

As a team, we managed to join forces, add to the bottom line and give velocity to our tech product. We also built the future of work, merging some defining tactics for the next three years, comprising the following: 

1. Entrepreneurship: support an innovative and proactive team to experiment. 

2. Tech-product: create a semi-decentralized platform that enables our team to engage with tech talent and technology companies. 

3. Tech-finance: use data and technology to build predictive and prescriptive analytics in our management reports. 

What’s next? Well, we want to understand technology better. We want to see how digital platforms compete. We want to build tech businesses and stay ahead of the curve. So there is no time for comfort. 

Ariadna Bivol, Director of Sourcing & Vetting: Rising above expectations

Although 2022 was a year of challenges, we rose above expectations. When the war challenged our main talent pool, we made constant efforts to support and empower our Ukrainian community of developers, encouraging every single tech company to put its hiring spotlight on this region. 

At the same time, we added new hot hubs to our sourcing map - LATAM, Baltic & Caucasus regions, managing to add 8,000 new developers with more than 50 new tech specializations on our platform. Plus, we successfully offer job opportunities to 30% of software applicants. 

The primary focus for 2023 will be to embrace new technologies and lead with empathy, curiosity, and wicked smarts.

Eugene Cucereavii, Head of Sales: Leveraging the underestimated Remote Talent solution

Looking back we couldn’t be prouder to have worked with so many fantastic clients: Fishbrain, Perforce, Venly, Glopal. 

While 2022 started very strong and we were catching up with hiring plans for the sales team, the economical pressure in the market made things slow down a bit by the end of the year. What we learned though was that tech companies didn’t give up on their scaling plans, they just needed more help in being guided on the best choice they have to make. 

As for the team accomplishments, I could mention the fact that we got to understand our clients better and help them hire much faster, the best talents, breaking such records as 1 week from call to onboarding for a new developer joining one of our existing client's team.

It’s clear that the need for top talents is real and Remote Talent is still an underestimated solution for lots of tech companies. We are here to help them see the value.

Mihai Golovatenco
, Director of Matching & AMD: Improving our matching speed 

Our main pillars this year were matching speed, continuous improvement, and long-term focus on developers' success. And when we say speed, we think of determination, resilience, and accountability. 

We managed to consolidate a team of dedicated and trained AMD retention managers and streamlined the payment process and timesheets. Plus, we’ve upgraded our Referral Program, inviting developers to bring the brightest tech talents to our platform and incentivize them.  

As a network with limitless hiring potential, our goal for 2023 is to assist our developers to transition to a safer, more compliant, better paid, and more respectful workplace. 

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Svetlana Catrinescu, AMD Manager: Keeping the balance between devs and clients 

What do devs want from their remote jobs? What difficulties are they facing? And what do they appreciate the most in a collaboration? To tackle all those issues, created a special AMD (Account Managers for Developers) department whose mission is to assist developers, listen to their happy moments, cope with their struggles and find a brighter solution to every problem they face on the new job. 

As a newly-launched department, we’ve learned that to keep the balance between developers and clients, we have to step in and take actions concrete actions: 

  • Make sure the developer’s and the client’s expectations are aligned right from the beginning. 
  • Listen to both parts, see the bigger picture, and help the parties see it too. 
  • And of course, ask the right questions: The right question helps take the right action.

That helped us learn the art of Trust, Care, Transparency, and Consistency - principles that guide both our internal and external collaboration. 

Eugen Frunza, Head of Tech: Tackling unemployment and reducing brain drain

It has been a year where we had to push some boundaries. We recognized that the challenge of tackling unemployment, reducing brain drain, and promoting distributed work was universal. We created our platform to bring the solution of better remote work opportunities to those brilliant tech companies and minds. And we’re just getting started. 

We’re oh-so-ready for a new year and can’t wait to continue helping you, your career or your software development teams thrive in 2023. Sending you determination and resilience in the new year.

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