How a leading French sports betting operator  hired four skilled PHP developers

February 15, 2024

How a leading French sports betting operator hired four skilled PHP developers

“We have great feedback and we appreciate the efforts of the Index team to fit our needs. Even though we are not in the same time zone, Index made sure that the developers work with us within the same business hours.” AURÉLIEN CARPENTIER - Director of Information Systems - France Pari 

Specialization: Sports betting operator

Headquarters: France

Global market: Worldwide

Services: Live betting, horse racing betting, online casino, poker rooms, iGaming

Technology: PHP

Project description

Founded in 2008, France Pari is one of the leading French sports betting operators that offer wide betting services like pre-match betting, live betting, horse racing betting, and Combino lotto. Over the years, the French company has developed a comprehensive suite of software that provides its partners with end-to-end services for online gaming businesses. Its shareholders and ambassadors include several French sports champions, including Alain Prost - quadruple Formula 1 world champion, Franck Leboeuf - 1998 football world champion, and Fabien Pelous - 1999 Rugby World Vice Champion. 

France Pari’s side projects and sites like Sportnco or NetBet are one of the leading sports betting and iGaming solution providers in Europe’s online gambling industry. Operating with the largest B2B networks in Spain, France, and other European markets, they provide advanced and secure poker rooms and an extensive range of casino games to worldwide regulated markets.

France Pari platforms


To reinforce its software engineering teams responsible for developing and maintaining Sportnco and NetBet projects, France Pari was on the lookout for senior-level software developers for PHP-backed Front-End and Back-End roles with a minimum of 3 years of experience on high-traffic websites. 

Our client needed candidates that had a proven knowledge of Symfony frameworks and a good understanding of SQL and MySQL, setting the quality, English proficiency, and time-to-hire as a top priority. 

Having experienced high and costly competition locally, the sports betting company decided to outsource software development to a global and broader talent pool.

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France Pari turned to Index as a global recruitment network for a robust and diverse talent pool of experienced and well-versed Front-End and Back-End developers. 

Besides technical expertise, Index and France Pari agreed to prioritize finding someone with strong problem-solving skills, ownership in the workplace, and self-initiative. 

Since we are unable to rely on typical signals that would allow us to determine if someone matches the requirements, we’ve developed a system that provides unbiased feedback about developers’ soft and hard skills in all of the areas critical for their remote-work success. This system helped us determine if an individual has the skills they claim to have and whether they’re able to perform basic tasks, manage projects, and even lead the entire project from start to finish.

Even with such challenging requirements, our Sourcing and Talent Recruitment teams screened and shortlisted a few candidates that matched the role. After a rigorous selection focused on well-qualified talents from Europe, we narrowed it down to three candidates, one candidate for each role. 

Each candidate previously had PHP experience working remotely for international projects. 

France Pari needed to conduct general and technical interviews to find that all candidates were the right fit for the job. The company assigned a full-time job with an indefinite contract and hired them the same day. 

Impressed by the quality of the vetted candidates, the French betting service provider has taken on one more software developer assigning her for the Back-End development role. 


All four developers are senior-level professionals that have shown a wide range of front-end PHP, HTML, Javascript, and Symfony expertise. As a result of a great collaboration with project managers and UI/UX designers, they performed above expectation and provided an immediate impact on the development lifecycle and team. One of the four developers, assigned for the Front-End job, quickly became an informal leader of the Sportnco development guild. 

Leveraging Index streamlined the assignment, improving the selection process, allowing quick decision-making, and leading to faster and fully remote hiring.

What Front-End developers had worked on:

  • Using photoshop models and technical specifications to get the final results expected on various navigation supports desktop, mobile, PC, Mac, etc. 
  • Integrating all website pages in responsive design by using UIKIT and Symfony frameworks 
  • Developing new features and ensuring a good user experience and functioning of the websites

What Back-End developers had worked on: 

  • Compiling and analyzing data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot issues
  • Developing ideas for new programs, products, or features
  • Collaborating with front-end developers to design more functional, cohesive codes

Technologies used: PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Symfony, UIKIT, SQL, MySQL, GIT, Agile Methodologies. 

AURÉLIEN CARPENTIER, Director of Information Systems at France Pari 

“The assignment process went quickly, we started with a trial and at the end of it, we felt comfortable to grow the team and assign more developers. Even though we are not in the same time zone, Index made sure that the developers work with us within the same business hours.”

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