Hiring a high-qualified 3D programmer for a holographic communication app

February 15, 2024

Hiring a high-qualified 3D programmer for a holographic communication app

"Imagine talking to your friend or colleague in 3D as if you were with him at the same place." - Mária Virčíková, Founder & CEO at MATSUKO

Specialization: Holographic Presence, Holographic Communication

Headquarters: Košice, Slovakia 

Scope of work: Human holograms, extensive reality and immersive technology

Global market: Worldwide

Services: AI, AR & VR

Technology: 3D Programming


MATSUKO is a creative technology company with know-how in holographic presence, VR/AR, and AI. We’ve partnered with MATSUKO to help them hire an all-star 3D programmer that will accelerate their revolutionary product engineering. 


Mária Virčíková is a former researcher in the field of human-robot interaction, winner of the 2020 European Tech Women Awards and Forbes top “Women in Business” & “30 under 30”.

Matúš Kirchmayer is Tech father of the Assassins Creed, having 20+ years video gaming experience, he is a former leader of an award-winning team for the most realistic human behaviour ever seen in video games - Assassins Creed. 


MATSUKO brings holographic presence applications that turn humans into 3D holograms (real-size, real-time) through which global teams will be able to meet in 3D even if they are on the other side of the world.

All that by simply using an iPhone and/or XR glasses. If you would like to experience real presence, don’t hesitate to visit their website.

They are building a global team that consists of tech enthusiasts and they were looking for an all-star 3D programmer with a strong grasp of AI, 3D technology & C/C++ languages to join the team. Finding a profile that could match these needs was pretty challenging due to fierce competition within the market.

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MATSUKO chose us as an alternative talent pool for pre-vetted and screened AI, ML & 3D programming roles. They hired a high-qualified Graphics Software Engineer, after a great cooperation with our Talent Ops Manager, responsible for a smooth and successful software engineer assignment. She previously worked for Intel and demonstrated a strong professional background in 3D Graphics & GPUs, C/C++, Python, Mobile Robotics, AI, VR & AR.

Index provided immediate access to high-caliber individuals in a difficult-to-recruit field and selected the right fit for our company. The hiring and onboarding processes were efficient, well managed, and friendly. The vetted expert is now an integral and vital part of our team. From the communication to programming skills provided, we’re more than happy having her in our team. - Mária Virčíková, Founder & CEO at MATSUKO

An woman image in holographic communication in a big open space
MATSUKO holographic communication & presence


Within 2 weeks, MATSUKO was able to find the right 3D expert for their position. They only needed to conduct a technical interview with one pre-screened candidate.  As a result, our software talent landed a 6-month offer in a full-time role. The simplified hiring process and holistic recruitment program combined with our candidate’s drive led her to thrive on the job and perform above expectations. Technologies used: C, C++, HLSL, GLSL, GPUs, 3D Mathematics, 3D Linear Algebra.

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