February 15, 2024

How NCS Technologies managed to ramp up their Embedded Linux technical capabilities

Learn about how Index brought a skilled Embedded Linux engineer to a US computer manufacturing and system integration company...

“Streamlined hiring process. Low developmental costs. No hidden fees. That’s how Index is different from similar tech recruiters on the market.” Brian Gentry - VP of Engineering - NCS Technologies

Specialization: Computer manufacturer and integrator

Headquarters: Gainesville, VA, USA

Global market: Multiple markets, including government, education, healthcare, financial services and security

Products in use: Around the world, supporting 1 million devices under warranty

Services: System integration, configuration control, logistics, user services, warranty services and TAA-transformation services.

Technology: Embedded Linux Software Engineering


Founded in 1996 in Gainesville, VA, NCS Technologies is a US manufacturer and integrator that builds high-quality computing solutions for government, education, enterprise, and OEM customers. 

With four main areas of business focus (Integrated Hardware Solutions, Custom Rugged Servers, Commercial Appliances, and HP 3D Printing Solutions), NCS Technologies manufacturers and distributes branded desktops, notebooks, servers, mobile devices, and zero clients, as well as designs server appliances for the independent software vendor market (ISV) and OEM customers. 

More than half a million NCS computing systems have been installed around the world. 


NCS Technologies was looking for a Senior Embedded Linux Software Engineer to join their development team but quoted the challenge to compete for a good hire available locally, due to the fact that this position is not as popular as main trends in development stack like React, Node, Angular. 

At first, the US integrator decided to rely on a geographically dispersed workforce, leveraging the services of some recruiting and outsourcing firms and websites. As a result, all these resources have compromised on the quality and were a huge miss in terms of cost-effectiveness. 

NCS Technologies weren’t looking for an average developer, they were looking for the best-fit one with a robust knowledge base of Linux firmware, who will be a strong cultural fit and could cover at least 4 hours of time zone overlap. After a robust analysis of potential markets for qualified Embedded Engineers, the Index team of Talent Recruiters focused on the Turkish market, well-known for its rising tech talent hub for excellent developers and brilliant Embedded Engineers. 

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Brian Gentry - VP of Engineering - NCS Technologies 

“I have worked with various staffing firms and in the typical model, they want 20-25% of the candidate’s salary paid as a “finder’s fee” to the staffing firm. For a high-paying job with a $100,000 salary, this could be $20-$25K! Also, some staffing firms claim to have artificial intelligence to help select the perfect candidate based on your requirements, what they don’t tell you is that it costs $5000 just to access this database! Index helped us find a candidate completely free.”

NCS Technologies3D Printing Solutions From NCS Technologies


NCS used the Index recruitment network as an alternative talent pool that could help them test new markets for untapped Embedded Systems talents. 

After a rigorous screening of 200 candidates and a diligent vetting process of 50 resumes for the Embedded Systems Engineer role, Index’s Talent Recruiters selected Cosar D. - a senior embedded technologist with ten years of experience in Linux firmware development - as the best-fit candidate matching perfectly the NCS requirements. 

Cosar has previously worked remotely with companies in Sweden and England providing GPS solutions and innovative IoT hardware. 

NCS needed to conduct only two interviews (one general and one technical) and hired Cosar immediately. At first, the US company assigned him on a 4-month engagement. But once he had demonstrated his dedication to meeting tight deadlines, he was offered a full-time role for a period of a minimum 1-year with auto-renewal just two months later after the completion of the initial contract. 


Leveraging Index helped streamline the selection process. Since, our Sourcing & Talent Recruiting teams are unable to rely on typical signals that would allow them to determine if someone is good enough for the clients, Index has developed an effective hand-picking method. It helps determine if the potential candidate has the skills they claim to have to perform basic tasks, manage projects, or even lead the entire project from conception through completion. 

Core to the Index approach is a highly structured sourcing, screening, and vetting process. Each process incorporates sophisticated testing intended to help determine the key facts about the experience, soft skills, and capabilities of the candidate, as well as detailed, in-person technical screening for developers that have successfully passed the coding examinations. 

NCS valued the Cosar’s combination of deep cultural fit and functional technical expertise with solid soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, self-learning, and accountability, and offered him a permanent position. On paper, he seemed the perfect fit. But as he got down to work, he thrived on the job. 

The onboarding was smooth and the fact that he instantly received all the access to the code and its documentation led to speeding up the accommodation process and getting the maximum value from the development. 

Cosar is now a core member of a software engineering team responsible for developing and maintaining Linux-based firmware that operates various types of NCS PCoIP zero client devices. 

So far, he has worked on:

  • Designing, coding, and integrating software for an embedded Linux target (application, drivers, TI framework)
  • Maintaining and improving existing software components (optimization of the boot-up time, video capturing & overlaying, and wireless networking performance) 
  • Modifying or developing Linux network drivers for various types of VPNs and wireless standards

Technologies used: Linux, C/C++ on Linux systems, Networking programming (TCP/IP), Javascript, HTTP, TLS, SSL 

Brian Gentry - VP of Engineering - NCS Technologies

“I have been so pleased with the software developer that I hired through Index. He has been an excellent addition to augment our software development’s capabilities. His rate was so affordable, compared to other software engineers in my local DC area. He is willing to go above and beyond, work long hours, and is dedicated to his work. ”

Index has senior Embedded Systems Engineers to help you ramp up your technical capabilities. We select the best remote Embedded Systems Engineers after testing their expertise in many areas C & C++ programming, Microcontrollers & Microprocessors, Linux OS, and RTOS. As remote work requires strong communication skills, our screening and vetting process ensures that the software engineer has excellent collaboration skills. 

About Index

Index is a global talent network that helps companies, avoid the time-consuming and cost-demanding hiring process by giving access to a huge pool of untapped remote tech talent globally. At its core, Index’s matching technology is an all-in-one solution to such business hiring problems as searching, ranking, vetting, matching, prediction, scalability, security, and retaining of tech candidates. Leading start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises are already using Index to hire senior software developers. 

Our platform offers access to pre-vetted candidates for tech stacks as: 3D programmers, graphic engineers & designers, project managers, software developers & QAs. 

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