Hiring Senior Front-End & QA Talent Remotely: A Poq Case Study

March 12, 2024

Hiring Senior Front-End & QA Talent Remotely: A Poq Case Study

Specialisation: eCommerce Tech

Headquarters: London, UK

Market: Worldwide

Website: https://poqcommerce.com/ 

Services: Apps, E-Commerce, Mobile, SaaS, Software

Tech Stack

  • Front-end: React, Redux,TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, GraphQL
  • Testing: Java, Appium, Selenium, Postman, Cypress.io
  • Back-end: C# .Net

Poq leveraged diverse talent sources to find skilled contractors, a strategy that had previously yielded success. Seeking to optimise candidate interactions, Poq partnered with Index.dev to access a pool of expertly vetted candidates and maintain high hiring standards. Here's how this partnership thrived.

It can be difficult to find software engineers. Index.dev have supported us by providing high quality engineers, even for fully remote positions. – Becca Dalton, HR Advisor at Poq 

How Index.dev ensured Poq hired vetted high-performing tech talent


Poq is an app commerce SaaS platform that empowers retailers and brands with a fully customisable mobile native app experience that drives fast growth and revolutionises customer experiences. With prestigious clients such as e.l.f. Cosmetics, Ardene, Cotton Traders and Kurt Geiger. In 2022, Poq partnered with Index.dev to optimise their software engineering hiring process.


To enhance app performance, introduce new product features, and reinforce their globally distributed product team's technical prowess, Poq sought experienced Front-end developers proficient in TypeScript and React. They prioritised candidates with strong technical skills, adeptness in remote work, and soft skills like cultural fit, coachability, and effective communication for long-term, full-time, and fully remote roles. Speed and ease of hiring were also crucial factors.

Drawing from past success, Poq explored diverse talent sources to onboard qualified contractors. Seeking to optimise their hiring process, they partnered with Index.dev to leverage targeted candidate interactions, access a curated pool of vetted profiles, and uphold rigorous standards in hiring and managing engineering talent.

Poq product


To find highly-qualified Front-End developers, Poq partnered with Index.dev's extensive talent network. Index.dev meticulously screened candidates, reviewing resumes, portfolios, and conducting online interviews to assess technical and soft skills, as well as English proficiency. 

Candidates were evaluated not only for technical expertise but also for communication, collaboration, problem-solving, time management, and self-learning abilities. 

After a rigorous 48-hour selection process, Index.dev identified three highly qualified, ready-to-interview candidates who met Poq's standards for remote performance and English proficiency. 

With minimal resources spent on interviews, Poq successfully hired a senior female engineer from Northern Macedonia. Impressed by the quality of candidates, Poq later requested another senior engineering talent for a full-time QA Automation role, further solidifying the partnership with Index.dev.

Index.dev talent doesn't feel like contractors. They operate as part of our core team. – Becca Dalton, HR Advisor at Poq


  • Total Assignments: 2
  • Active Developers: 2

Index.dev promptly provided the right-fit QA candidate for Poq's project, securing a seasoned QA tester and lead from Turkey with 12 years of experience. The candidate brought expertise in Java, C-sharp, RestSharp, Appium, Selenium, CI/CD in Azure, Cucumber, Node.js, Gauge, and Cypress.io, with previous experience in banking, payment systems, e-commerce, and fintech sectors.

Both remote contractors made significant contributions to the project. The Front-End Developer successfully migrated several features from the old CMS to the new App Managers, including lookbooks and notifications. Meanwhile, the QA Automation Engineer focused on platform automation, regression testing, and creating new test cases using Appium Selenium with Java for mobile applications.

Additionally, Poq achieved the following:

  • Reduced Time-to-Hire: Poq secured high-performing front-end and QA automation engineers within days.
  • Optimised Screening: Index.dev's thorough vetting process provided Poq with insights into candidates' qualifications, drive, and performance.
  • Cost Savings: Poq saved money while securing top-quality engineering talent.

By relying on Index.dev's team of professionals, tech recruiters, matchers, and account managers to handle sourcing, vetting, hiring, and talent integration, Poq was able to focus solely on their work.

The project was equally rewarding for the assigned software engineers, who found the work challenging and aligned with their skill sets and professional growth goals. They praised Poq's structured work processes, well-organized code, detailed documentation, and clear ticket explanations. Moreover, Poq prioritized learning and encouraged developers to explore new technologies, with one engineer learning .NET under a mentor's guidance from Poq.

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