Amplifying R&D Cloud Solutions with High-Performing Full-Stack Developers

April 25, 2024

Amplifying R&D Cloud Solutions with High-Performing Full-Stack Developers

Discover how Genemod – a US-based modern software company specializing in scientific research – improved its development capabilities by recruiting highly skilled full-stack developers from Brazil. These super-senior developers played a crucial role in advancing the company's R&D cloud solution platform through UX research, data analysis, and big data implementation.

Specialisation: Software for streamlining scientific research
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States
Founded date: 2018
Market: Worldwide
Services: Biotechnology, Cloud Data Services, Health Care, Life Science, Medical Software
Tech Stack: Python (Django framework), Javascript (React framework), Typescript, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RESTful APIs, AWS, Web Socket, Docker, Redux

After realizing our need for a Full-stack development role, we decided to hire contractor engineers. They have been very professional, highly productive, and great communicators. We've relied on them as key team players. – Jin Choe, CTO at Genemod


Genemod, a venture-backed software company, is accelerating life sciences R&D by maximizing productivity in bench research and advancing the development of new medicines. Their platform facilitates collaboration among life scientists, streamlining lab operations to improve efficiency and reproducibility in pre-clinical research.

The company’s proprietary technology integrates scientific and management tools, providing scientists with a single, centralized solution for their diverse research needs. By hosting scientific tools on a user-friendly admin dashboard and leveraging data processing algorithms, Genemod optimizes workflow and project management. The platform stands out for its intuitive design, scalability, user-centric approach, modern features, and robust security measures.


Genemod aimed to expand its software engineering team by hiring high-performing full-stack developers. These developers would collaborate closely with the leadership team to build and maintain their unified platform for life scientists. 

Genemod sought candidates with expertise in modern frontend frameworks like React, Vue.js, and AngularJS, along with backend technologies such as Django, Flask, and Node.js. They prioritized candidates with proficiency in Javascript, Typescript, and Python, as well as strong communication skills and seniority. Additionally, Genemod preferred candidates based in Latin America and prioritized a quick time-to-hire.

Facing a shortage of skilled full-stack developers and the high cost associated with hiring them, Genemod decided to partner with a remote work platform. This strategic move aimed to grow their development capabilities and gain access to a curated pool of vetted profiles.


In 2023, Genemod partnered with as their trusted remote work solution for swiftly screening, vetting, and recruiting senior Full-Stack developers worldwide. 

From the initial meeting, Genemod representatives found that account managers grasped their challenges, establishing a reliable and effective partnership from the outset.

Recognizing Brazil's reputation for harboring a wealth of highly-skilled full-stack engineers, began the candidate sourcing and screening process there. Leveraging its extensive vetted talent network, actively sought out engineers who aligned with Genemod's technical and cultural requirements.'s matchers meticulously assess candidates' technical skills through resume evaluations, one-on-one interviews, and project reviews to ensure their proficiency and suitability for the role. Moreover, they evaluate candidates' workplace skills essential for remote work, including effective communication, proficiency in English, adaptability, accountability, and teamwork.

Everyone has been doing well. They are now trained up and have been put onto main projects. – Jin Choe, CTO at Genemod


Total Assignments: 2
Duration: Long term
Role: Full-time

By leveraging's services, Genemod saved valuable time on resume screening, streamlined pre-qualifying interviews, and swiftly accessed verified, highly skilled, and ready-to-start remote full-stack engineers within days. 

As a result, Genemod successfully onboarded two highly qualified developers perfectly suited for their project, each with a robust background in technology and remote work performance.


🤖Gustavo: With over 10 years of experience, Gustavo has previously worked on developing web systems and mobile applications across diverse industries such as healthcare, real estate, transportation, game development, and manufacturing. His technical expertise spans popular and niche technologies including Python, Django, Oracle, SQL Server, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Storybook, CodeIgniter, MySQL, PHP, and Yii.

🤖Douglas: A Full-stack Software Polyglot Developer with expertise in JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, Java, Spring, Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, Elixir, Phoenix, and Rust. He is also a CRM specialist with over 18 years of experience implementing and customizing CRM solutions such as Siebel CRM, Salesforce CRM, and CPQ solutions inside the Salesforce platform. Additionally, he holds AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credentials and has experience working with various AWS services.

Both assigned remote contractors made significant contributions to the project, speeding up the development process on the repository project and enhancing the platform through UX research, data analysis, and big data implementation. 

They collaborated closely with the Genemod leadership team to make crucial architectural decisions that shaped and scaled the Genemod platform, translating technological capabilities into strategic business decisions.

Additionally, Genemod achieved the following:

  • Reduced Time-to-Hire: Secured high-performing full-stack developers within days.
  • Optimized Screening:'s thorough vetting process ensured candidates' qualifications, drive, and performance aligned with Genemod's needs.
  • Cost Savings: Saved money while securing top-quality engineering talent for hard-to-fill tech roles like full-stack development.

The project proved rewarding for both Genemod and the assigned software engineers. Genemod commended the candidates for their readiness to learn and adapt to challenging tasks and the quality of their work. The contractors from expressed satisfaction with the project's complexity and successful collaboration with the client team, noting the well-structured requirements and clear design and functionality explanations during sprint planning sessions. contractor engineers stood out for their knowledge and expertise, as well as their responsiveness. – Jin Choe, CTO at Genemod

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