33 Best Places for Hiring Software Engineers in 2024
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June 19, 2024

33 Best Places for Hiring Software Engineers in 2024

Finding qualified remote software engineers is difficult. You're not alone! Many companies are hiring the brightest minds for their projects from the global pool of remote talent. This book will help you find and employ great remote software developers, whether you're a startup looking to grow or an established company looking to innovate. Let's discuss building your high-performing tech team worldwide!

You can also try Index.dev to access a global network of thoroughly vetted remote developers:

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Simple and effective, Index.dev pairs you with expert remote software professionals. They break it out like this:

Outstanding Talent Pool: They have over 15,000 experienced developers in full-stack, front-end, back-end, QA, UI/UX design, and AI/ML.

Strict Vetting:

  • Test candidates' coding skills thoroughly.
  • Assess their technical skills to ensure they meet expectations.
  • Check their remote work communication skills.
  • Assess talent personality for distant work-related traits like self-motivation and reliability.
  • Check their background and employment to ensure their professionalism.
  • Based on data, they match you with the best candidates for your needs. Interestingly, 90% of clients choose the first candidate they’re matched with.

Quick Hire: They can give out 3 to 5 interview-ready candidates in 48 hours.

Full Support:

  • Manage hiring laws.
  • Manage onboarding and talent integration.
  • Monitor developer payments and integration.

Quality Assurance: Hire only senior, high-performing developers with extensive remote experience.

This process ensures you get experienced, reliable, and ready-to-work remote software specialists quickly.

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This site is popular for hiring freelancers for fixed-price jobs. Its competitive bidding system enables organisations to submit work and get estimates from global independent freelancers. It is ideal for finding a wide range of knowledge at little cost, making it versatile for various project needs.

  • Competition: Employers post projects and freelancers bid, resulting in competitive pricing.
  • Works effectively for budgeted, one-time fixed-price tasks.
  • Broad Range of Skill: Independent contractors with diverse project experience.
  • Rating and Reviews: Previous work and client feedback assist evaluate independent contractors.


Leading site Upwork connects companies with top freelancers. Pre-screening applicants ensures quality specialists are available. Upwork is versatile for many projects because it offers hourly and fixed-price contracts.

  • Top Freelancers: Connects organisations with top freelancers.
  • Pre-screened candidates guarantee great independent contractors.
  • Talent matching algorithms match independent freelancers to project requirements.
  • Hourly and fixed-price projects: Modest employment options for project needs.
  • Protects fixed-price and hourly contracts.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a job portal that specialises in remote employment, especially in technology. Users can sort by job type to find software engineering jobs. The site recruits independent freelancers globally.

  • Technology jobs dominate remote job postings.
  • Jobs Category Filters: Find jobs quickly by category.
  • Global Talent Pool: remote workers.
  • The straightforward job posting process lets employers post jobs and job seekers apply.


The remote job board Jobspresso offers great opportunities in several fields, including technology. Recognised for its well-selected job listings, it ensures that every job ad is updated and high-quality, making it easier for companies and job seekers.

  • Focus on Remote Work: Various sectors offer remote work opportunities.
  • Select listings ensure high-quality job ads.
  • Employers and job seekers can use the simple interface.
  • Job ads change everyday.

Working Nomads

Tech jobs are easy to find on Working Nomads, a remote job marketplace that groups jobs by industry. It sends a newsletter with new remote job advertisements to keep job seekers informed.

  • Industry-Categories Job Board: Easy-to-search remote job ads by industry.
  • Newsletters deliver new remote job ads.
  • Connects to businesses and remote workers worldwide.
  • Job alerts: Lets job seekers set job-specific notifications.

Just Remote

JustRemote posts remote employment, including software engineering. Employers can filter applications by time zone or location using the site's geographic filter.

  • Focuses on remote work possibilities.
  • Region filtering finds time zone-specific candidates.
  • Several remote job kinds are covered.
  • Simplicity simplifies job applications.


Remote Job Posting

We Work Remotely

Remote work is the only focus of popular job board We Work Remotely. Businesses may easily find software engineer candidates in its section. Its vast listings and user-friendly design make the site popular with companies and job seekers.

  • The Dedicated Software Engineering Section posts remote software engineer jobs.
  • Big Listings: Offers remote work in numerous fields.
  • User-friendly interface for employers and job seekers.
  • Reliable Platform: Connects top remote talent with employers.


Remote.co has several software engineering jobs. The portal helps organisations and remote workers succeed in a remote-first future by providing tools and guidance.

  • Variety of Remote Jobs: Includes software engineering.
  • Remote Work Resources: Guides corporations and remote workers.
  • Find and apply for remote jobs with our simple job search.
  • Employer support streamlines remote work policy implementation and management.


Entrepreneurs love AngelList, therefore it's a wonderful place to meet entrepreneurial software developers. Tech and non-tech opportunities connect companies with job seekers looking to join innovative and dynamic teams.

  • Highlight Startups: Finds engineers willing to work with startups.
  • Startup Mentality: Attracts creative, dynamic team players.
  • Range of Jobs: Technical and non-technical.
  • Networking: Allows entrepreneurial interactions.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads curates remote job listings for digital nomads. The site's job categories make tech jobs easy to find. It also publishes a remote employment newsletter to keep job seekers updated.

  • Digital nomad job selection: Prioritises remote-working jobs.
  • Jobs by Industry: Find tech jobs easily.
  • A newsletter provides new remote employment ads.
  • Connects to businesses and remote workers worldwide.

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Tech-focused communities


Millions of engineers manage projects, host and review code, and create software on GitHub. Engineers can find jobs on GitHub using their active repositories and open-source contributions. This shows their coding skills, work quality, and developer community teamwork.

Stack Overflow jobs

Developers utilise Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow Careers, now part of Stack Overflow Jobs, helps community-active developers demonstrate their knowledge. Engineers link Stack Overflow profiles to job advertising to find candidates who are technically adept and actively help others overcome code challenges.


The dynamic developer community Dev.to features engineers' project and experience articles, lessons, and thoughts. This fantastic service makes it easy to find developers by their topics and projects. Examining their Dev.to contributions will reveal their technical interests, skills, and programming domain knowledge.

R/RemoteJobs on Reddit

A Reddit forum named r/RemoteJobs posts remote software engineering and other job advertisements. Engineers regularly seek remote employment, making it a fantastic place to post positions or find smart people.

From r/hire

Reddit's r/forhire is another site for job seekers and freelancers. Engineers and developers can find full-time and freelance work on this site. Post a job vacancy or browse the adverts to find qualified candidates.

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers, a network of business entrepreneurs and developers, shares project creation and launch tips. You can meet talented and entrepreneurial software engineers there. Indie Hackers is a good resource for hiring managers looking for innovative coders because many are available for freelancing or remote work.

Hacker News (Y Combinator "Who's Hiring?")

A monthly "Who's Hiring?" thread on Y Combinator-managed Hacker News lists software company employment openings in several industries. In IT, it's a popular place to find experienced people seeking new challenges. You can directly contact engineers seeking software development, engineering management, and other tech jobs through the thread.


Recruitment Agencies


Terminal.io builds remote engineering teams for companies. They recruit, screen, and onboard individuals. Terminal.io finds remote-friendly engineers and ensures they have the technical skills and communication skills needed to work in remote teams. By outsourcing recruitment to Terminal.io, companies may find qualified remote engineers ready to work on projects and streamline their hiring processes.

The X-Team

Long-term cooperation with specialist remote engineering teams are available from X-Team. They focus on assembling technically talented teams that match project goals and business culture. The X-Team culture encourages innovation and productivity by emphasising continual education and growth for developers. X-Team clients benefit from a specialised remote crew that suits their operations, does reliable work, and adapts to project needs.


Gun.io connects organisations with top independent software engineers. They match applicants with projects after a rigorous screening procedure ensures they meet high standards. Gun.io offers organisations flexible access to top technical expertise for short projects. Their portal helps firms find and hire independent engineers who can start projects and meet deadlines and quality standards.


Andela, which started with African tech talent, now provides remote software developers and development teams to corporations worldwide. They value technical quality and diversity when hiring developers worldwide. Andela's technique includes remote engineers in client teams and provides ongoing support and professional development to keep them current on technology. Andela clients receive access to a diverse talent pool that boosts software development scalability and inventiveness.


Crossover recruits remote candidates for top IT jobs, especially software engineering. They rigorously assess applicants for technical expertise and subject matter understanding. Crossover connects organisations with top technical project managers. They emphasise long-term engagements and continual support to ensure remote staff seamlessly integrate into client operations and deliver value and innovation.


Codelitt helps companies build long-term engineering teams with remote software developers and teams. To ensure their teams support company goals and culture, they stress teamwork, creativity, and scalability. Codelitt encourages its developers to learn and grow to deliver exceptional solutions that boost corporate growth. Codelitt clients benefit from scalable, adaptable remote teams that can meet project goals and achieve demonstrable results.

Robert Half Technology

Technology jobs, especially remote software development, are Robert Half Technology's specialty. They have a vast network of eligible applicants and experience pairing organisations with remote workers with industry knowledge and technical skills. Robert Half Technology provides tailored staffing solutions to meet client needs and goals to ensure remote talent integration.


TEKsystems provides contract and remote IT staffing across industries. Their top aim is providing customised workforce solutions that satisfy clients' technical and commercial goals. TEKsystems discovers and places skilled remote project contributors using their network and recruitment skills. They emphasise long-term client relationships and continual support to ensure project success and employee pleasure.


CyberCoders, a top tech and engineering recruiter, hires on-site and remotely. They match companies with top talent using a big database of qualified applications and extensive screening. CyberCoders finds candidates who understand their clients' goals and organisational culture and have the technical capabilities and business culture to fit. Their customised hiring process ensures organisations can simply find and hire competent experts who help them achieve their goals.

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Professional Groups and Social Media


LinkedIn, the largest professional networking platform, connects organisations and people worldwide. Companies can post jobs, screen individuals by experience and qualifications, and network with industry experts. LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Recruiter aid hiring with their large candidate pool and advanced search features. Recruiters can track candidates, chat, and swiftly evaluate hiring with LinkedIn Recruiter.

  • Company Page Optimization: Check your LinkedIn company page for accurate values, culture, and open roles.
  • Post opportunities on LinkedIn Jobs. Keep job descriptions brief, precise, and keyword-optimised for the top candidates.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter's advanced search and filters can target applicants by area, experience, industry, and skills. It helps identify candidates who match your employment requirements.
  • Post relevant content, corporate updates, and industry insights to engage your LinkedIn network. Leave individual comments on applicants' blogs to build relationships.
  • Encourage employees to post job vacancies on LinkedIn and networks. Employee referrals often bring in better-qualified, company-fit candidates.


Instagram is famous for sharing photos. Even while professional networking and hiring are not its core focus, it can improve employer branding and recruitment marketing. Businesses promote job vacancies, employee achievements, and corporate culture on Instagram using visually appealing posts and stories. Employers may attract passive applications and build a strong brand image by creating engaging content for their target demographic.

  • Instagram can be used to show company, workplace, employee endorsements, and behind-the-scenes photos. Photos personalise your brand and attract candidates that share your values.
  • Write fascinating tales and blogs to promote job possibilities. Graphics, films, and staff spotlights make engaging visuals.
  • Employee Takeovers: Let employees take over your Instagram account for the day to show them their job and company culture. This real approach helps build trust and attract talent who shares your corporate values.
  • Posts with relevant geotags and hashtags will reach more people interested in your industry. Applicants may locate your job postings more naturally.
  • Interact with prospective employees who show interest in your job postings or business content via Instagram Direct Messages. To start long conversations and create rapport, tailor your messaging to prospects.

University Career Centres

Computer science and associated degree graduates seeking remote jobs might be reached by university career centres. These centres assist firms and students partner through job postings, virtual career fairs, and networking. Employers who use university career centres can communicate with talented recent graduates, offer internships, and build lasting contacts for remote software development job hunts.

  • Collaboration and Partnership: Network with computer science placement offices and career counsellors for job postings and virtual career fairs.
  • Post remote job vacancies and internships for recent graduates on career centre websites.
  • Meet students interested in remote work jobs at virtual networking events and job fairs.
  • Virtual Information Sessions & Workshops: Inform students about remote software development careers.
  • Networking and Alumni Connections: Ask alumni for advice on new graduates' skills.
  • Help students prepare for the workforce with career coaching, simulated interviews, and virtual resume assessments.
  • Virtual internships: Give students real-world experience working remotely and possibly full-time careers after graduation.

Focus on performance, not recruiting. Fill your front-end, backend, full-stack, AI/ML, data engineering, and QA roles with vetted senior tech talent from Indev.dev global talent network. Scale faster today →


Hackathons and Programming Contests


Companies may find and evaluate excellent developers through HackerRank coding competitions and exams. It allows developers to showcase their coding skills through challenges and tournaments, helping recruiters identify top applicants based on performance indicators and coding competence.


Famous coding competition and challenge site TopCoder attracts talented coders worldwide. It offers software development, data science, algorithm, and other programming competitions. TopCoder helps recruiters identify competitive programmers and problem-solvers for software development jobs.


Codeforces is famous for its challenging and high-quality programming competitions. It's where top programmers compete in algorithmic challenges to solve challenging problems quickly. Recruiters say Codeforces high achievers with strong algorithm and problem-solving skills are ideal for technical professions requiring advanced programming.



Hiring talented remote software engineers is easier than ever. Businesses can find global talent on job sites like We Work Remotely, freelance markets like Index.dev and Upwork, and industry forums like GitHub and Hacker News. Andela and Terminal.io can help build remote teams, while university career centres and coding competitions can identify new talent. No matter where you are—a startup growing swiftly or an established corporation searching for innovation—these technologies help you build your perfect IT team. Accept remote work and build relationships with great developers who can grow your projects wherever.

Or you can partner with Index.dev to access a global network of thoroughly vetted remote developers: 

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